Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Darkstorm - The Oath of Fire album '17

Darkstorm is a Polish Black Metal band formed in Warsaw in 1993. This is their latest full-length album, it is released as a CD limited to 500 copies by Putrid Cult.

The style is Black/Heavy Metal, the album contains 11 songs and lasts for a bit over 40 minutes. The sound is good and clean, the music is interesting with each song having it's head and tail, but still it's nothing unheard before.
The atmosphere is old school proto-black or, in other words, speedy and thrashy, which is something I always enjoy. Especially if it reminds me of Bathory, and this actually does.

Some of you may enjoy this, some may not - I hope all of you will still appreciate me sharing the rip of this personal purchase.

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