Friday, June 2, 2017

Goetia - Wolfthorn EP '99

You guys are probably wondering why I'm not really active on this blog anymore - I kind of lost inspiration to write. I still want to share music and I enjoy doing that, but it kind of became difficult to write reviews lately because I always either feel like I'm wasting words pointing out what's obvious, or am just repeating myself over and over and being boring. Because of all of this, I'll just make it short and write most important stuff about this release.

Goetia is Polish band formed in '96, the band has released 2 EPs, 2 demos and 1 full-length album and it is not clear if the band is still active, they probably aren't considering their last EP was released in 2011 but who knows. This EP is their second release, it's very good but also very short - it only lasts for 17 minutes. There are 5 songs on this EP, the first one being a short intro. The style is very good true black metal, mostly fast-paced with raw wolfish vocals and melodic guitar riffs - it's kind of like listening to Behexen with vocals that sound kind of like Ohtar. I really have nothing else interesting to say about this, so I'll just finish this with saying that I'd recommend this to people who appreciate real black metal.