Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Great Vast Forest - Where the Warriors Ride... demo '99

Great Vast Forest is atmospheric pagan black metal band formed in 1995 in Brazil and this is their third demo tape. The band is still active and they've released a compilation CD of their early work in 2015 - I'd appreciate if someone would rip it and share it on web as I've never been able to find and listen most of their early material that's on it.

The tape was bought from some Ukranian seller on Discogs months ago for pretty cheap and fair price, there are still copies left if you want to purchase one - I think it's worth the money because the band is very good and the tape looks beautiful too.

The demo is very short, there are 3 songs on it with complete length of ~12 minutes only. I'd recommend to check out this demo if you like atmospheric/pagan/melodic black metal with keyboards and if you do like it - check out Malkuth, Hecate, Songe d'Enfer and Satanaquia too because the style is quite similar.


  1. Great-thanks for posting this! I very much enjoy this band, and you were wise to draw comparisons with Songe d'Enfer - another excellent Horde.

  2. i found the 2015 compilation on 4shared https://www.4shared.com/rar/fwO7zqGUba/Great_Vast_Forest-The_Years_of.html