Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fight - United and Strong demo '94

Fight was a one-man band from Poland formed in '94 whose only member also played in North, Grom and My Infinite Kingdom and this is Fight's only demo. I've had this demo for long time and I don't remember where I bought it, but I think it was probably from Werewolf Promotion Distro.
This tape was self-released in '94 and re-released in 2000 by Majestat Nocy Promotion (the tape I own is a re-release). United and Strong is a short demo, it lasts for only 17 minutes and contains 4 songs of Polish hateful black metal.

What I like the most about this tape is the cover artwork, it's beautiful and just looking at it one might expect the music to be some sort of Pagan black or even atmospheric black/doom but it isn't - it's pretty disappointing old school raw black. The sound production is as expected, pretty silent and unclear, vocals are too loud and sound like some wolfish growls, the guitar riffs are very simple Darkthrone-worship. And the drums... what to say about that? Drums are programmed and sound like annoying loops, and make the entire demo sound like some bedroom black metal. There is really nothing about this music that makes it special. It's all too simple and too boring, and sounds like it was created and recorded the same day - it probably was, this is a rehearsal demo afterall.

I believe that the first song titled Our Fight and the third song titled My Fatherland are different rehearsal versions of the same song, because the guitar riffs are the same and there's even some sort of evil laughter near the end of both songs so they are either the same song, or just sound like that because the artist lacked inspiration.
Last track on the demo is cover of Mayhem's Freezing Moon which I'm tired of hearing because too many bands have covered it. There's a printing mistake on layout, so this song is titled The Freezing Moon instead of Freezing Moon, but that's not a big deal, I just thought I'd mention that as I really have nothing else to say about this demo.

Conclusion is - it's not a very good demo but I'd still rather listen to bands like this, simple and pure old school second wave black metal, than most new black metal music because even though it's pretty boring, when I consider this was made in '94 - it kind of makes it better.

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