Friday, April 21, 2017

Apoplexy / Acoasma - Golden Era split '13

Today I'm sharing something a bit unusual - a death metal split. I'm not a huge fan of the genre, as you know my favorite genres are black metal and doom metal, but I do occasionally listen to some death metal too. Even though I'm not an expert when it comes to this genre, I noticed that there used to be a very interesting scene in Slovakia in 90's with very good and underrated bands and two of those underrated obscure bands are Apoplexy and Acoasma.

Apoplexy was formed in 1993 and they've released their first demo titled Dysmorphophobia the same year, and after that they released two full-lengths: Tears of the Unborn in '95 and Monarchy of Damned in '99.
Acoasma was formed in 1994 and released 2 demo tapes in '96 - first demo was titled Eyes Full of Blood (the rip of it is still impossible for me to find), and the second demo titled Lost in Personal Hell. This split tape was released in 2013 by Slovak label Akne Productions and it contains Apoplexy's Dysmorphophobia demo '93 and Acoasma's Lost in Personal Hell demo '96.

Acoasma's side of the split is pretty good pure old school death metal: not too brutal, pretty dark, with some nice melodies here and there. There are 5 Acoasma tracks on split and complete length of all of them is 20 minutes.
Apoplexy's side of the split is better in my opinion: 7 tracks and 34 minutes of really good death metal with plenty of melodies, mid to doomy tempo. Their sound is quite unique, it's definitely not some angry brutal fast paced death metal, it's actually quite dark, atmospheric and even melancholic death metal at moments so I'd say the genre is old school death with doom/death, melodic death and atmospheric death influences. All I can say is that I really enjoy this Apoplexy's demo, it's actually one of my all time favorite death metal demos.

If you find yourself enjoying this split, I'd like to recommend a few other Slovak 90's death metal bands for you to check out: Aphranya - an obscure atmospheric death band which only released one demo in '97 titled Black Our Days, Daybreak - an excellent melodic death metal band, Decay - very unique old school death band which released one of the best demos in Slovak 90's metal underground titled The Planet of AnimalsInsepultus with their amazing old school death metal sound - really a great band worth checking out, and Amorbital - one of my personally favorite Slovak death metal bands.

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