Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nefarius - 1st Demo '95

This is the tape that I've been searching for ages and some weeks ago, someone finally decided to sell their copy on Discogs so, as soon as I saw it, I bought it. I paid 30€ + shipping for it and would do so again, I don't regret spending that much on it. I always had a feeling this band was good, and my curiosity was eating me alive for years so I'm glad to have finally listened to it and even more glad to own it, it's probably one of the most rare tapes in my entire tape collection. Nefarius only ever had this one tape and it was self-released. It is single-sided regular tape but the cover layout is quite interesting: simple piece of paper with thicker, glossy picture glued on front. I don't own any other tape that has a layout like that.

Demo is very short: it only contains 2 songs, each lasting for around 5 minutes and that's it. But the music is better than I expected. The production is pretty raw, I can personally hear and feel it's Austrian as early Austrian bands just somehow sounded like this, it's much different sound and feeling than let's say German underground black from the same era/period. First thing that I notice while listening to this is very raw guitar sound, riffs are overall melodic, even remind me of Burzum. Second thing I notice are vocals which is one thing that I got surprised by the most when it comes to this band - vocals are fucking sick! And excellent -  abyssmal yowls, cries, screams - whatever you wish to call that, it's epic, sounds almost unhuman! And there are also keyboard parts (at some moments they remind me of early Sigh from their Requiem for Fools ep which everyone into black metal should listen at some point as it's a masterpiece!). Really, both songs are perfect: both raw and primitive melodic black metal, oh how I wish there were more songs on this demo, or if at least Nefarius made any other demo because surely this is extremely enjoyable for me. I really hate it when stuff like this happens - I discover an obscure band and the band only has a couple of songs and I'm doomed to enjoy that and hunger for more for the eternity of my being! :(

Anyway, at first I wasn't even sure if I should share this rip or not. Considering how rare the thing is. But my opinion is that a tape doesn't stop being rare and hard-to-find once rip of it leaks. Even now when I've leaked it on web, it's still an obscure and unknown underground band, and a tape almost completely impossible to find for purchase. And I do enjoy sharing and writing, especially about stuff I enjoy and am interested in. So - here you go, I'm giving you my rip of Nefarius and hopefully, you'll appreciate it because it truly deserves it.