Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mithotyn - Nidhogg demo '95

Mithotyn is a Swedish Viking/black metal band formed in 1992 under the name Cerberus and this is their third demo which was a self-released cassette. I got this tape from my friend thenecromancer, and what I have is a dub - not the original which is absolutely fine by me, because I got it very cheap while the original would probably cost me at least 25€ and I wouldn't really pay that much for this band's demo. I'm just not a fan even though I enjoy having such old demo tapes in my physical collection.

Unfortunately, the tape is dubbed pretty bad, on single channel only - sorry for that but it is what it is and I decided to share the rip of it anyway.

The demo is 23 minutes long, contains 6 songs and the style is melodic folkish Viking black, nothing too exceptional really. The sound is way too bad for me to really enjoy this, even though the music is okay. There are even some female vocals which is something I really dislike, something which made me enjoy this demo even less.
The single song I enjoy the most on this demo is second, titled In the Forest of Moonlight and I think I like it because of the very good keyboards and pretty loud, enjoable bass in the background and also pretty standard black vocals which fit the music well. The third song is 2 minutes short acoustic instrumental which is also very nice and makes a nice midtro (that's an intro that's in the middle!) to the demo. The next two songs, A Whining Winterwind and Into the Bloodshaded Horizon are both pretty good, with nice guitar melodies and at some moments all of this reminds me a bit of Meadow in Silence which isn't surprising considering the person who played guitars and keyboards in Mithotyn also played in Meadow in Silence. But I still like Meadow in Silence a lot more than early Mithotyn! The last song is the two minutes long outro titled In the Arms of Valkyries which is probably my most favorite part of this entire demo.

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