Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lukemborg - Forau demo '97

Lukemborg was a Swedish black metal band formed in 1995, they released 3 demos before splitting-up in 1999. I'm sharing my rip of their first demo so people can listen to this band. I've also listened to other two demos and they were short but sounded okay, probably enjoyed them more than this first demo.

Forau tape I got is a dub of the original tape, so it's not an actual original like I believed when I was ordering it. The cover layout I got is good, so I scanned it and took pictures of the tape and included in the archive I'm sharing, like I normally do. The main problem is - the tape (once again) plays on one channel only, I'm sorry for that. If you have a rip of this demo which plays on both channels, please let me know.

The style is pure Swedish black metal, pretty standard and heard-before-million-times kind of black metal, but still okay and pleasant to listen to. The production is okay-ish, vocals are actually better than average, the tempo is mostly fast-paced with some slower parts, guitar parts are pretty melodic in usual Swedish 90's way, and even the bass is loud enough to be noticeable. Song structures are interesting and each song doesn't sound like the previous one which makes this an okay demo, especially if you like your black metal pure and cold.

Would I recommend this demo? Well, it's not bad, that's for sure. Is it good? Not for me, no. And it's way too short as well, only lasts for 12 minutes. It's average. It's actually exactly what I expected, it sounds the way I had predicted before I even heard it. So, basically, it's okay and that's it. Download it if you're curious and like Swedish black metal.

                       Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Hi, I finally got to listening to this one and you're right; the sound is really bad here. There's additional, really bothersome noise too, is it there when just listening to the tape? And did you experiment with Quadro yet?

    1. What other noise except spinning sound on one channel?
      I have, yes, and the problem is obviously the tape to mp3 converter. I tried two cables and the results are the same so the cable isn't problem, and then I tried and ripped with Quadro and spinning sound isn't there. I told that to EC, he uses the same thingy but didn't have such problems so far... He said he has extra converter that he doesn't use and will mail it to me sometime soon (it will prbably be a while before he actually does that, knowing him).
      Sorry for not replying on metalarea yet, I want to reply when I send more money I owe, I'm kind of embarrassed to even write long message before that. :)