Saturday, March 25, 2017

Grausamkeit/Corneus split '00, Grausamkeit/Old Pagan split '00 and Corneus - Teufelschmand demo '00

It's time to finish what I've started! Today I'm posting the rest of B.S.o.D.-related music ripped from my own collection even though I don't feel like it anymore. I mean, I did feel like listening to that music and I have listened to it A LOT these last few days, but I'm getting tired of it all...
Looking out the window, it's all sunny and warm outside, it's spring so my need for black metal got extinguished, while my hunger for doom metal keeps growing.

And now a few words about what I'm sharing today!
- Grausamkeit/Corneus is really good split and I'd recommend listening to it. I bought the tape years ago and it was released by Chanteloup Creations. The seventh Corneus track titled In the Middle Ages is listed on cover but doesn't appear on tape for some reason. Also, interesting thing to mention would be how one of the Grausamkeit's tracks is called Barbaric Rebellion Part 3 even though it's in fact Barbaric Rebellion Part 2, the same song which is first track of Grausamkeit's Seelenschwund demo. Heh, I don't know who's worse - B.S.o.D. or Chanteloup owner. They are both messy and made million mistakes while releasing through their own labels, it doesn't surprise me how Grausamkeit found Chanteloup owner and two of them worked together. Their style of work is extremely similar - simple and cheap quality, recklessness. :)
- Grausamkeit/Old Pagan split is fucking epic, both bands performed perfectly and it's very enjoyable 22 minutes short split to listen to! The tape is released by Vargulf Productions and cover's hand-numbered (my copy is 147/166).
- And finally, the Corneus demo tape titled Teufelschmand: it contains 6 songs and complete length is only 16:30 minutes. Style is more experimental than Grausamkeit but still very interesting and enjoyable, at least to me. Interesting fact: there's actually a guest vocalist present on this demo! A dog named Arko who's also credited on layout as "guest growler"! And I really do like his growls and barks, it fits music. Heheheh. I have nothing more to add about that, I mean black metal with dog as vocalist - you got to respect the originality.

Grausamkeit/Old Pagan split '00

Grausamkeit/Corneus split '00

Corneus - Teufelschmand demo '00


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I salute you for doing it despite not feeling it. Very unlike me. :p And the notorious Arko. I should recommend this to uncle kingpossum if he does not stumble here otherwise, should be right up his alley!

    1. Lately I just feel busy and have so many things to do, even though I'm always multitasking there's always more and more to do. I don't want to force myself to do this blog when I don't feel like it, and I don't, but sometimes my desire to share is much more powerful than my desire to write/do a reivew. I like making reviews but my mind is lately on so many different places at the same times, it's getting hard to just relax and talk about one thing for a period of time.

    2. Very relatable. I always get somewhat distressed by spring personally. It is harder to sleep in the daytime with the sudden increase of light and concentrating on things is hard if you feel weary all the time. Simple things like writing a reply to an email take longer than necessary and more effort than they should, for example.