Friday, March 24, 2017

Grausamkeit - 5 demo tape rips

I've already written about Grausamkeit and B.S.o.D. recently when I posted and reviewed Grausamkeit's Hellgoat album and Entwertung tapes, so I see no need or point to repeat myself. I just decided to rip and share some other Grausamkeit tapes I own so here I am doing that. I've already said that I love all music B.S.o.D. made, and I enjoy all of these demos a lot and am happy to own them.
Each of these demos is very short, even for a demo, and each has that Grausamkeit trademark which is - bad production. I didn't edit anything as I wanted it all to be raw. Yes, I did edit the last Grausamkeit I posted - Hellgoat album - but that is because I had to, if I haven't done that it wouldn't even be listenable. However, unlike Hellgoat album tape, all of these 5 tapes have better sound and the music can actually be heard (instead of noise) so in my opinion editing wasn't necessary. Tapes are dubbed on pretty low volume so I ripped them on higher volume than I usually do, and that's basically the only thing I did differently while making rips this time.
Rips of all of these tapes have been circulating on web in various different bitrates, so if you're a Grausamkeit fan - chances are you've already listened to all of these, but I just wanted to share my own rips with scans and pictures.
Oh, and also in case you enjoy these tapes, grab rips of Entwertung tapes and Grausamkeit's Hellgoat full-length I posted earlier here and here. Hail Satan.

Bischmisheiman Pagan Madness demo '96

Fucking Goat Horness! demo '96

Hellgoat Promo '99

Stardust Promo '99

Seelenschwund demo '00


  1. wow this is awesome

    1. :) yeah it better be, considering all the money I spent buying it :P

  2. thank you so much for this great demos, Grausamkeit excellent band

  3. Alright, thanks for sharing! Let's see, this'll be third version of "...Pagan Madness" now but I want to grab your versions anyways.