Thursday, March 16, 2017

De Occulta Philosophia - Obscura Simphonia demo '95

De Occulta Philosophia was a symphonic black metal band from Milan, Italy formed in 1994 and this demo is their only release. I discovered this band years ago thanks to Velkaarn's blog, I really enjoyed it and recently a seller I was ordering some other tapes from was selling this demo too and for very fair price so I just couldn't resist not buying it!

Everything about this demo and this band is just the way I like it - from the colorful cover artwork, band's funny picture on metal archives (just looking at pictures like this one makes me feel warm around my heart), also the band being obscure mid 90's Italian sympho black which in my world translates to "interesting and potentially amazing", and the music itself is just my cup of tea - it is very melodic with dominating keyboards and very good enjoyable vocals.
This tape was released by label called  Beyond... Productions as a pro cover + pro tape but it's not hand numbered so I've no idea how limited it is. I noticed that the band, on the layout, thanks to bands which inspired them: Cradle of Filth, Slayer and Rotting Christ. I do like Rotting Christ! But this demo, for me, is much more enjoyable than Cradle of Filth and I don't really get reminded that much of Cradle of Filth listening to this demo. I am reminded of Evol though, and I really love Evol. I'm even somehow reminded of legendary Mortuary Drape at some parts, which is of course a good thing!

Anyway, rip of this demo has been circulating the web thanks to brother Velkaarn, so some of you may have heard it before, and today I'm just sharing my own rip of it - afterall, I never said my blog is only about sharing demo rips that haven't leaked before, I said it's about music I enjoy and I enjoy this demo a lot. Even though the band is obscure and has only released one half-hour long demo tape, De Occulta Philosophia has a special place in my heart so I'd really recommend listening to this, especially if you enjoy melodic black metal.

                     Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @

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  1. I need to check your rip, mine was made from a dub after all! Other than that I believe everything necessary has been said about DOP (at least by us) so I just say thanks for sharing the rip!