Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trivial Thorn - Beyond Nothing demo '97

Today I'm posting a demo from very obscure Polish black metal band Trivial Thorn.
This band was formed back in '94, released their first demo titled Zaothra in '96 which is buried in the past and impossible to find. After that, they released their second demo Beyond Nothing in '97 and their third demo Ravenousness in 2001, which I managed to download and listen to. The fourth demo titled Zero Tolerance was recorded in 2005, but never released accoring to metal archives.
Mocar and Simon, Trivial Thorn guitarist and vocalist were also in Polish obscure band Thorn which released two demos: My Journey demo '94 and Slavonic Hordes demo '99. Thorn's drummer also played in Empire, another excellent obscure Polish band which only released Eternaly Dreaming demo '93.

I love Thorn and Empire so I was curious to hear Trivial Thorn. Well, to be completely honest, Empire is more of my own personal cult even though the music isn't extremely good. Thorn's music, on the other hand, was amazing.

I first got Ravenousness demo rip months ago and liked what I heard but that demo is pretty short, to me that wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosity so I decided to order another demo, this one.

Beyond Nothing demo '97 was self-released as a regular tape with xerox cover printed on both sides of the layout. Trivial Thorn's line-up on this demo did not include Thorn members, they joined Trivial Thorn after this demo and played on Ravenousness demo '01.

Later, it is unknown when exactly, this demo was re-released by Polish label Moonshine Productions. Moonshine was short lived label who also released some other very interesting demo tapes, such as Dagor's Songs of the Slav Ground demo '95, Eternal Fear's Ancient Woods demo '95 and Gontyna Kry's Welowie demo '97. I would recommend you to listen all three of these demos, even though Eternal Fear's not black metal but dark pagan dungeon synth (and it shouldn't even be listed on metal archives). Anyway, Moonshine's version of the demo included the same tracklist as the original self-released version, but with new cover artwork:
Anyway, what I have is the first self-released tape and that's what I'm sharing. I'm glad to own it, I always prefer first press over re-released versions.

The style is great melodic black metal, quite similar to what Thorn sounded like, only much, much better. It can also be compared to the way some Scandinavian melodic black metal bands sounded like in the 90's, like Mactätus for example. If I had to compare the music to some Polish band, I'd say it's quite similar to what Veles sounded like on their The Black Ravens Flew Again album.
It basically sounds like early Thunderbolt would sound if they were Swedish. Or maybe how Vinterland would sound like if they were Polish. Hehe. :)

It's needless to say that I absolutely love this demo and it sounds better to me than the Ravenousness demo. Hope you'll enjoy it too!

                       Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. I remember seeing this name pop up on some tradelists of old and thinking it was some sort of non-metal project initially! Never got around to hear it until now, I suspect when I finally found out it was metal I was slightly put out by the (nowadays opinion) brilliantly odd Moonshine cover which I do remember seeing. :D I haven't listened to the other demo, just downloaded it (thanks for refreshing the link at MArea), but this one was a little different from what mental images I had.

    Like you put, it's quite like mixing late/mid-90s symphonic black metal with "softer" Polish sound. Vocals aren't very good but not really bad either, they just somehow grate a bit on the Loke track notably. Music sounds much better going second time in, shades of Sacrilegium here and there.

    I haven't heard (I think, might've actually have something dubbed) Thorn but I'll have a listen later. I sort of want the second pressing of this, it's so... special. ;)

    1. Hahah I can't believe I didn't compare them to Sacrilegium, I think I did write that but ended up deleting it trying to make review clearer and shorter. Yes, it reminds of Wicher, I agree.

      Thank for the comment (and for all the comments)!