Friday, February 10, 2017

Stygian Temple - In the Sign of the Five Angles album '16

Stygian Temple is a black metal band from Germany whose line-up is unknown, and so far this full-length album is all the band has released. I got this tape for free when I ordered Norns tape from Penetration Hammer label, before that I didn't even know about this band. The cassette and cover/layout are both professionally made and limited to 200 copies. The album was recently re-relesed as a CD with different cover artwork limited to 500 copies by German label Sol Records.
In the Sign of the Five Angles contains 7 tracks, first one being an intro, and the entire album lasts for 41 minutes. I wonder if the title was supposed to be Angels instead of Angles, because that would make sense. The style is Satanic black metal in its pure form, like bands used to make in the 90's. I find myself reminded of Mayhem, Setherial, Dark Funeral and Tsjuder.

I've read what people have to say about this album on NWN forum and on youtube, and it looks like many people overly appreciate this album and some people were so impressed with it to call it the album of the year. I even read somewhere someone saying that if you don't really enjoy this album, worship it and admire it, you're a wimp who doesn't know what real black metal is. All of it made me wonder is there something wrong with me, it also made me feel a bit confused and feeling guilty for not being all excited about the album and in love with it. Sure, the production is good, and sure - this is pure unholy black metal, and sure, if I was forced to listen to some 2016 album I'd rather listen to this album than many others released in the last year. I also have to give it credit for being better than, for example, new Bethor album which got me so disappointed. But, all in all, I'm not impressed at all. For me, the album is mediocre and boring. My favorite song was the last one - because, well, it's was the last one and it ment the disappointment and annoyance I felt while listening to it was over.

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