Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sadokist - first demo '08 and Rehearsal demo tape '12

Sadokist is probably my favorite new black/thrash band. They come from Finland, and so far they've released all kind of releases: 4 demos, 1 split, 2 compilations, 1 full-length and 1 live album. Their style is black/thrash, pretty old school and pretty raw too.

I decided to rip the two tapes that I have from Sadokist, and share with you. I've had them for years, and no longer remember where I bought them. I thought I have more Sadokist tapes, but somehow I only have these two. I plan to buy more with time. I actually wanted to order their latest Live in Perkele tape, but these tapes were sold out very, very quickly so now - I'm just hoping Sadokist will re-release that live tape, as Sadist Stalker told me they plan to.

What I love about Sadokist and what makes this band special for me is the energy, they just have that special something that can be felt listening to their music, a charisma. They aren't too original, but still they stand out from the crowd of new black/thrash bands for me. I can feel they love what they do and do what is fun for them - other newer bands who play the same style of black mostly make me bored or amused for short period of time, but Sadokist is a band I keep coming back to because their music just feels right. It's evil, thrashy, talented, straight-to-your-face Satanic madness! It's powerful and I just worship Sadokist because all of that. I also watched all their videos/live concerts that are on youtube and they are the most perfect band when performing live. It's too bad I'll never get to see them live.
I know this band is not that well known, it's still pretty underground, but I always rather listen to their music than some better known band - for so many reasons, most important being the music and the feeling - it's just so pure, filthy and evil, yet so simple, I just really love it. What I love the most are guitar riffs and vocals, which once again aren't too original but somehow all of it has that special vibe for me. Last time I enjoyed thrash/black this much was when I listened to mighty Japanese White Hell.

I've ripped their first demo called Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal and their Rehearsal Tape demo.
Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal was self-released in 2008 as a CD limited to 100 copies, and year later in 2009 it was also released as a tape limited to 150 copies by my beloved Wolfsvuur Records. This demo contains 4 songs and entire demo lasts for 12 and a half minutes. My favorite song on this short demo is second song called Demonic Bitch. I love this song because it's so thrashy and punky and black at the same time, so dirty and powerful.
Rehearsal Tape was released only as a tape (well...duh!) limited to 60 copies by Wolfsvuur Records and this tape lasts a bit longer, over 21 minutes. There are 6 tracks on it, each song lasts around 3 minutes and it sounds great but I do have one small remark - vocals and guitar are so loud, you can barely hear the drums. Drums should definitely be louder. My favorite song on this demo is The Hellfucker, I love the wild rhythm of it and powerful vocals, especially in the chorus where 2 types of vocals can be heard. It even has the short Sabbat-like guitar solo which fits great in the song.

I have to say I really love Sadist Stalker's vocals, that's one of the things that makes Sadokist so great. His vocals aren't empty and boring and predictive like the case is with too many other bands, I can just feel he's a fucking evil bastard who doesn't give a fuck just by listening to him. I don't mean it as an insult of course, he's a nice guy, but so very passionate about what he does which is excellent! I admire it! Most music that I listen to leaves me feeling empty, even when it impresses me, but not Sadokist. This band just affects me, it is too powerful and real. It's like a drug to me. I really envy everyone who get to see this band live. Maybe it's good I won't see them live, as I'd probably break my neck headbanging.

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm giving you two rips of my Sadokist cassettes, and if you like black/thrash or old school black, evil black, powerful black, download and enjoy it and in my opinion, it's worth buying for sure. This band is a masterpiece.

                                                     Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal demo '08
                   Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @

                                                            Rehearsal Tape demo '12
                        Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. You're being very convenient to me with your recent posts, someone recommended me this band last year and I've been meaning to check them out since. Thanks and I should probably jump to next chance to see them play live.

    1. You're welcome. Yes, you definitely should! And if you do, it would be nice if you'd remember to grab a shirt for me if you see them selling it, I'd pay you back!