Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ravendance - Lucienne demo '97

Ravendance is an excellent black metal band from Bavaria, Germany. They released 2 demo tapes and this is the first one, the second demo tape was self-titled and you can listen to it on youtube.

I discovered Ravendance long time ago, but never actually bought anything from them - not because I didn't want to, but because the seller on Discogs didn't sell anything else interesting to me and I somehow never order just one item because I prefer to order few tapes from one person to save on postage. So I was basically just looking at this tape (wanting it and not buying it) for months so eventually my good friend EmptinessCycle bought a copy for me and sent it as a birthday present. It's the best birthday present I ever got, thank you!

Musical style of Ravendance is quite melodic black, and very good and enjoyable - I can't believe this band is so unknown and obscure. The band drew inspiration for their art from literature, to be more precise - Romanticism and that's not something I can say about many bands i know, I actually can't remember any other band whose lyrical themes are focused on German Romanticism.

I love this band and am happy to own a copy of first demo, so I'd suggest you to listen to it, it's great music and has become one of my favorite German 90's black metal bands!

                       Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. This is of the gothic/black metal variety, kind of reminds me of their fellow Germans Agathodaimon and a little bit of early Empyrium... that's not a good comparison, wasn't it more folky? Similar romanticism anyways. It's actually better than I expected! Damn it there was another name I had in mind for this but I've misplaced it.

    1. You mean Epic? Belmez?

      Last few years every time I really like something and think it's just pure melodic black, it ends up being gothic/black. Part of me still expects that gothic/black should have keyboards, female vocals singing and be about vampires. Heh!

      By the way, thanks for mentioning Empyrium - I know about this band for years and wanted to listen to them and forgot each time so now I'm enjoying their first demo for the very first time! Doom mixed with gothic and black - I love it!

      As for Agathodaimon - discovered them quite early but I still keep forgetting they exist, they never come to my mind somehow :)

    2. Neither, I just listened to one of the Belmez albums the other week and man, that one was atrocious! It'll come back to me at some inconvenient time, I'm sure.

      Didn't Agathodaimon get kind of crap somewhere along the way? I'm under the impression, but I've only heard the earlier part of discography which is fairly good if one likes gothic and melodic stuff. I think it had some delightfully pompous bits as well! Oh and that Romanian vocalist did some tracks in his mother tongue too. I need to rekindle my faint memories as well.
      Early Empyrium got quite a bit hype back then, or at least felt like they did. It was pretty good and I need to revisit 'em also. :)

    3. I don't like Belmez either. And I never listened to "newer" Agathodaimon, and even the old always felt somehow too melodic.
      And Empyrium is very nice, especially when trying to fall asleep but - it's like coffee with way too much milk. I somehow just need more black metal in their music I've heard so far. :)