Friday, February 17, 2017

Ohtar - Deep Wood's demo '01

Today is my birthday so I'd like to make a post which expresses more than just words.
I decided to start with one of my all time favorite bands - Ohtar. I believe Ohtar is well known and I don't need to introduce them. In case I do - well, I'll make it short and just say Ohtar is one of the best Polish black metal bands ever, and was formed in '96 and is still active. Their style is fucking perfect hateful black metal and is one of the very few bands that never disappointed me.

Ohtar was actually one of the first black metal bands in my life! I no longer remeber which I discovered and fell in love with first - Ohtar or Veles, but I guess it was more or less at the same time. I started listening to Graveland, Sacrilegium, Arkona and North at the same period of my life, but didn't fell in love with those bands as much. Sure, I loved Wicher album from Sacrilegium and I still do, but back then it was a bit too melodic for me so I prefered early Ohtar and early Veles. Graveland and North I wasn't that impressed with, I don't remember why I didn't enjoy North that much but I do remember that my first Graveland album I had and listened to was Creed of Iron and I thought back then it was extremely boring. Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes I loved and still do, but it's not as emotionally strong and personal for me as Ohtar or Veles are.

Anyway, the tape I own is Ohtar's promo demo Deep Wood's self-released in 2001. There are 4 tracks on this demo which were also a part of the split with Antisemitex and Woodland Desolation compilation. These songs are some of my all time favorite Ohtar songs so I'm very glad to own the original tape.

I could write about how perfect Ohtar is and what I love about this band for hours, but there's probably no point so I will just try to summarize it. Ohtar's music is hateful, pure and honest, and also melodic. Their sound is unique and I chose not to compare them with any band.

One of the things that make Ohtar's sound unique for me are the vocals which are almost inhuman, it's like listening to howls and growls of some fox/wolf mutant creature, desolated and alone, abandoned and alienated from the world having only darkness and forest to keep it company. Really, Ohtar is so much more than music for me and I admire this band greatly. Ohtar and Veles, being the first Polish bands I liked, are actually what made me first realize where my life passion lays. Long time ago, I didn't know that much about black metal, and I had listened to and enjoyed many black metal bands, but Ohtar was special and made me feel like I've found exactly what I love. With time that hasn't changed, I only started to discover and love Polish second wave black metal more.

What I love the most about Polish black and Ohtar is how it's the way black metal should be in my opinion: on top of it all, it is strong! Black metal isn't music for weak humans and I despise people who turn black into something that expresses their emotional instability or weakness and I believe that emo shit should not be called black metal at all - black metal is for proud and strong people who keep their darkness and hatred as flames burning inside forever! Black metal is not ment to express human superficial flaws and weaknesses even though we are all humans and have those flaws.
For me - black metal isn't human, it's deeper, and it's eternal so even though real black metal spirit is considered dead - I believe it can never die! That's why I can't just review Ohtar normally, commenting on what it sounds like and is it enjoyable or not. Ohtar isn't music for me and I respect it too much to comment on them like their music is just sound. Ohtar is hatred, darkness, strength and pride and I know most people into black metal can't feel it, it only makes me more proud because I can. Ohtar is like a big "fuck you!" spit in the face to everyone who simply don't get it, and I agree with this and respect it. Most of you are too weak to feel the true hatred, agony and darkness anyway...

                       Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. I'd lie if I said I could agree to how special this is, I haven't got the same tie or bond to it as you do. I heard Ohtar pretty late compared to various of their peers (I bought the split with Antisemitex which I traded forward later) and it's really been just another Polish band to me, ranging from "pretty good" to "great!" depending on day so to say. First Polish black metal bands I heard were probably, and unsurprisingly, Graveland, Infernum, Xantotol (well that might be less common) and Behemoth.

    However, it's a good demo and I love the intro, moreso than the metal actually but the tracks have their moments too. But that intro somehow feels magical, agree?

    1. Yeah, intro is one of my favorite Ohtar tracks of all time.
      I also like the cover artwork, it's so simple and mystical.

    2. Good point about the cover, I like it too! Much better than the image on "Woodland Desolation"