Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moonrise - Belieka Tik Laukti... demo '99

I think I have enough time to post & review one short demo. Moonrise was a band from Vilnius, Lithuania formed in '96 and what I'm sharing is their first demo tape. After this demo, band released best of/compilation titled 1996-2005 which contains this demo, various rehearsals and an unreleased demo Naujo Pasaulio Vizija from 2001. The last demo Moonrise released was demo 2008 titled Final Attack on Heavenly Kingdom.

The demo is (like I said) short, it has 3 songs on it with complete length of ~16 minutes. I'd say style on this demo is melodic pagan black metal. The music is nice, but I'm not really enjoying the vocals which aren't really bad, but I just think it could had been done better. It's mid-tempo black with enjoyable melodic guitar riffs with lyrics on band's native language. Oh, and the drums are programmed but it doesn't sound bad.

There's a small mistake in second song titled Belieka Tik Laukti... - right after the first 30 seconds the volume drops for a second, but I don't think it's a big deal. I don't feel like trying to edit or fix it, and I am too tired to think how to do it so I'll just leave it as it is; I'm not sure if that mistake is present on all the copies or just on my copy of the tape.

Anyway, I bought this tape from one Ukraninan seller on Discogs who sells so much good stuff, I definitely plan to order from him several times again. He told me most of what he's selling comes from Oriana Music & Kolovrat Productions old distro stock.

The tape is regular TDK, it's single-sided, and the cover is excellent - thicker glossy paper printed on both sides. It was released by Fiasko Zone distro, I'm not sure about the limitation of the tape because it's not hand-numbered.

The demo is quite enjoyable but nothing special. It's still better than most crap bands release these days! Oh, and I think the cover artwork is beautiful.
I'd recommend this if you enjoy melodic pagan black metal.

                        Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @

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