Friday, February 10, 2017

Marhoth - W imieniu Marhoth... compilation '15

You can't even imagine how happy I am to review Marhoth's best of compilation! As some of you know, I worship and live for Polish 90's black metal and even though there are so many Polish bands I love, Marhoth is one of my few Polish all time favorites.

I don't know how well known or if well known at all Marhoth is considered, I guess they are still pretty obscure because they only released 2 short demos in 90's and an amazing split with North and Grom. The first Marhoth demo is called Wolfmoon and it was released in '95, the second demo Szkarłatna kropla rosy was released in '96, and the two songs from this demo appeared on the split with Grom and North which is titled Sovereigns of Northernlands and was released in '98 by Astral Wings Records.

Marhoth members were also involved in another obscure Polish 90's black metal band called Nox Lunaris, and the drummer also played in Christ Agony and Sacrilegium.

W imieniu Marhoth... compilation was released as a pro-tape and as a CD by both Witches Sabbath Records and Eastside, tape is limited to 100 copies and CD to 500. I bought my tape a month ago from Discogs. The tape is beautiful and I'm very happy to own it, now I just need to someday buy the split with North and Grom too (but that'll have to wait because unfortunately this split tape is very expensive on Discogs). This compilation contains first two demos and a bonus track which is Kat cover. I have to mention that the second demo rip (Szkarłatna kropla rosy) which is circulating the web is completely fake, and nothing but first demo with incorrect song titles (which means metal archives are wrong about the track lengths too). My favorite songs on this compilation are the first ...and My Hand Won't Shudder, and the fourth Wilczy księżyc, and the two of these songs are some of my all time favorite songs in black metal. It's hard to even pick a favorite song(s), all of them are perfect. Mgła nad bagnami is a pagan metal masterpiece, dreamy beyond belief, and so sad. And the vocals in Korona Marhoth are so honest and emotional, it really touches my soul deeply.

For me, Marhoth's music is unique and it's not easy to compare them with other Polish bands. If I had to do it, I'd say early Sacrilegium meets early Behemoth. I'd also compare it to few other very obscure bands like Cherem, Chors, Grom, Fornost, Agalirept, Forkador, Fortision, early Anaboth, Majestat... There were many bands like these which could be considered similar, but what makes me love Polish black so much is how even though all these bands played very similar style, all of them were original and unique and had a sound of their own.

The music is so much more than just music for me, and every part of it is so perfect that I can't imagine it being any better. The keyboards are just outstanding, the guitar parts are melancholic and melodic but sound raw, the drums and bass are just so fucking awesome, especially in the first song where bass lines are so playful and intense, and the vocals are so pure and honest, so angry and alive - listening to Marhoth gives me shivers down my spine! The melodic guitar parts also remind me of that weird guitar sound Egaheer had.

For me, this is the best album I've ever posted on my blog, and to me this tape is one of very few most precious tapes I own. This is the essence of Polish black metal.

                      Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @

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  1. Yay, it's this thing! I almost bought this in December, so I'm glad to check out your rip. I'll most likely get it anyways, always liked Marhoth. I suppose they're quite unknown though "Wolfmoon" was on many tape trader lists and the split in many distros, North being the best known on it. Marhoth are better though, no question about that!