Thursday, February 2, 2017

Machiavel - To Die for a New Empire demo '98

Machiavel is an obscure pagan black metal band from France. The band was formed in '94, they released their first demo titled Honor, Blood...and Victory in '96, and their second demo (this one) in '98. The first demo was released by Drakkar, and this one was released by Aura Mystique Productions. I wasn't able to find the first Machiavel demo unfortunately, I still hope to find it someday. If I remember correctly, some guy was selling it on Discogs a month ago, and I considered buying it but it was too expensive - 25€ or something in that range. Nobody is selling it anymore so it looks like that copy was sold... If I ever see anyone selling this first demo, I'm buying it, I just hope the price won't be too high.
I bought this demo from the artist behind Funebre Inferi and Hieronym Inferiorum, he's selling his 90's tape collection so I picked up a few items. He's a great seller and I'd recommend buying from him, the communication was satisfying, my package was sent very soon after I paid the money, it arrived very quickly and all tapes were in even better condition than described. I definitely plan to order from him again sometime in near future, he has some very rare tapes that I want - and I think most of his prices are fair and acceptable.
To Die for a New Empire demo tape is very nice and pretty simple - transparent tape and xeroxed cover printed on one side. There's no lyrics on layout so it was a bit problematic figuring out which song is which, as there are 2 tracks on each side and it's unclear which side is A and which is B. I managed to figure it out by listening to the songs. Entire demo lasts for almost 28 minutes, the longest song is second which lasts almost 9 minutes and the other songs last around 6 minutes.

Like I said, the style is pagan black metal with some keyboards and it's really nothing too original but still really pleasant to listen to. I'm not sure with which band should I compare Machiavel's music to, maybe with Anaon, Bekhira, Belenos, Enimon Ni, Apolokia from Germany - I think Machiavel's music can be compared with all of these bands and with many others but to tell you the truth, Machiavel's style is something I'd expect from Polish bands. I mean, Polish second wave black metal is usually raw melodic pagan black with keyboards and French melodic second wave black often sounds very similar to some Polish bands to me, so it's actually somehow easier for me to compare Machiavel with some Polish bands - like Fornostem, Infamis, maybe Hornagest. You know what I mean, this is raw pagan black with excellent synths - mid tempo with some faster parts, very nice guitar melodies with raw sound, typical hateful black vocals that fit in very well, and very loud synths which dominate most parts and give the music that special something that it needs, the pretty loud drums which give it that rehearsal sound - all of it packed into very, very good raw hateful pagan second wave black metal. I know there's another band I'd compare Machiavel to, but fuck me if I can remember it now!
This is my favorite type of black metal, and this kind of bands are what I mostly listen to so - I've heard too many bands like Machiavel to even remember which band Machiavel sounds like most.

I'm really enjoying this, this is black metal exactly the way I like it, honest and emotional, simple and complex at the same time, raw and melodic, beautiful. I just can't believe how obscure and forgotten this band is, I really think it deserves to be heard. I love it! Thank you brother Velkaarn for pointing me in the right direction and enabling me to discover another great band. :)

                      Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @

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