Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goat Prayers / Dethroned Christ - We are the Fist in the Face of God split tape '97

Dethroned Christ is a black metal band formed in Brazil in 1993 under the name Ethan. They released one rehearsal demo tape under that name and then in 1994 the band changed name to Dethroned Christ. So far, they've released 2 demos, 2 splits, 2 full-lengths and one compilation album. The band is still active.

Goat Prayers was, according to metal archives, formed in '92, but this split is their first official release. After this split, the band has released 2 demos, 2 splits and a best of/compilation album. The compilation was released in 2010, and even though the band hasn't released anything else since then, they are still active. I hope someday they'll make more music because it's a great band!

We are the Fist in the Face of God split tape was released in '97 and (according to metal archives) it was also re-released in 2000. There's something curious and confusing about it - Discogs say this tape was released by Southern Productions and that is correct because I have a copy which was released by them, but there is also a guy selling this tape on Discogs who says his copy has green cover instead of black & white and yeah, there's a green cover on metal archives (which isn't even shaped as a tape cover which only makes it even more strange)... what I don't know for sure is if the green cover version was the one that was released by Godless Records? I mean, most likely it is, but which is the original from '97 - black & white cover released by Southern Productions or the green version by Godless Records? I really can't say that for sure.

I bought my tape from guy from Funere Infebri, so I think what I own is probably the first press from '97 because he sells a lot of rare first press stuff. Also, the tape looks and feels ancient. I'm not saying it's in bad shape, it's not, but - I can just feel that it is very, very old, it even has very strong smell of old paper and the layout is so wrinkled that it could fall apart soon if I don't take good care of it, which I will. It's not bad, I'm very satisfied with the condition of my copy, but layout is just so worn out, especially around the corners. The tape is regular BASF and there's Goat Prayers material on side A and Dethroned Christ on side B.

And now a few words about the music - Goat Prayers is raw melodic/atmospheric black metal with very good guitar riffs and keyboard parts. It is, in my opinion, one of the best bands from Brazil. Their music has excellent dark atmosphere and this is what pure black metal is for me, it doesn't need to be brutal and angry to feel exactly right. The vocals are pretty weird, maybe even funny at some parts but I like them.

I also feel like mentioning that each band made a cover of one Bathory song: Goat Prayers made a cover of 13 Candles, and Dethroned Christ covered In Conspiracy with Satan. That's excellent, I love Bathory so it really made this split even better for me.

The entire tape lasts for 40 minutes and there are 4 tracks from Goat Prayers and 5 tracks from Dethroned Christ. I enjoy both bands as I love old Brazilian stuff, especially these two bands which are not a new discovery for me - I've been a fan of them for years. If I have to pick which side of the tape I enjoy more, it would be side A with Goat Prayers material on it, it's really excellent, especially the long first song titled A Real Nightmare Beyond This Eternal Darkness which lasts for almost 10 minutes and feels very epic and atmospheric.

Enough words for now, recommended! I think this split shows perfectly why Brazilian 90's black metal scene is one of the best black metal scenes ever.

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