Friday, February 24, 2017

Fortision - Fortision demo '98

Fortision was a Polish underground black metal band active in the late 90's and early '00s. The band probably split up sometime around 2003, maybe 2004. Some members were/are also involved in some other bands such as Holy DeathCaedes Castus and Anima Damnata.
The band only released two demos, the self-titled first demo in '98 and a short demo titled There's No God Except Me in 2000.

I bought this demo years ago from Polish Werewolf Promotion and it's still in stock, cheap too, in case you want to buy it for yourself. It was released by small label called Evil Crow which, as far as I know, only releaed this tape and Shemhamforash demo tape '98.

I'm not sure if I agree with metal archives that this band plays black/thrash metal - I guess one can hear thrash influences in most black metal if one tries hard enough... but to me it sounds like gothic black metal (with maybe some pagan black metal parts?) and I think I wouldn't be wrong if I called this dark black metal. The genre doesn't really matter, what matters is if it's good music or not - and I think it's excellent music, very melancholic too.

Lately, I don't know why, but it started to feel wrong comparing a band to some other bands. There's really no point, even though it probably should be a part of any album review, but I'm not writing for metal archives, I'm writing for me so - things like comparison and categorization/defining the subgenre don't matter that much. What matters is that this is another forgotten Polish gem, obscurity which should be better known. The guitar riffs are memorizable and well thought out, the vocals are really nothing too special but they fit the music, and there are plenty of slow atmospheric ambient/acoustic parts... hey, I just remembered which band I can compare Fortision to! Polish obscurity Empiria, their first rehearsal to be more precise, it's very similar! :) I love Empiria, so if you find yourself enjoying Fortision demo I'm sharing - you should definitely check out Empiria too!

                     Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Hi and thanks for the latest items, I have been busy this week ripping Grev's tapes, working and having a cold.

    Anyways, I did listen to this and it's one of those demos I like more than I should - I mean it's basically B- or maybe C-list Polish black/dark metal from the later 90's and all that but I just find it so... ugh, "nice" lacking better expression. From the cover, which I really love but isn't at all black metal, to the content I enjoy it. I think someone jumped to call it black/thrash as it does have some thrashy moments in it, both riffs and beats. I'd probably put it under dark metal with thrash and fantasy elements. Gotta love Swamp Wizard and Imperial Warrior on the line-up!

    Reminds me of the stuff Elven Witchcraft would carry. Will definitely be returning to this and I'm actually tempted to hunt a copy of the tape for myself.

    1. Oh, well I hope you feel better soon!
      Yeah the cover's very atmospheric and I like it too, something about it is similar to the My Infinite Kingdom tape I just posted (which I planned to review better but I feel so busy and stressed, I think I'm going to have to slow down my tempo until I feel "right" again).
      There's also the second demo on metalarea from Fortision, added by me years ago, it's good but very short.
      I think the tape's worth the money; I know many (most) people don't appreciate some things/obscurities like this as much as me, but it's a demo worth having in collection! I wouldn't order just this, postage would cost you more than the demo, just wait until you find 3 or 4 releases you'd wish to own and then buy. I mean, I wouldn't order from someone just to get this one tape.

    2. Thanks for the tip on the second demo, I'll check that out too! I hope it's better than Trivial Thorn's last demo was, ugh it was terrible. Does not really have much to do with this, just came to mind. ;)

    3. :) Just check out Skoll, that band's awesome! Even though I love Fortision, I enjoy early Skoll more and I wonder if you'll enjoy it too.