Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ctharagorod - Eternal Punishment demo '08

I couldn't really decide which tape to rip today, so I decided why not this one - it's relatively new, it's not a lousy 90's dub which will most likely give me a headache, it lasts pretty short, and it hasn't leaked on web yet. I'm already regretting the decision and haven't even finished ripping it.

Ctharagorod is a mysterious Austrian raw black metal band which only ever released this demo tape. By mysterious I mean - I don't know the line-up or if it's a one-man band, I don't know the lyrical themes or the year of formation, or the exact location where band is from.

Tape was released by Galgenstrick Records and it's limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. The tape's black and the cover is simple xerox paper printed on both sides. I don't know where from or why I bought this tape anymore.

The demo lasts for ~35 minutes and there are 8 songs on it, including an intro, an ambient instrumental in the middle of the demo (song Journey to Transylvania) and an outro. The style is very boring raw black metal and I think EmptinessCycle would probably be better at reviewing this demo than me, as he likes that sort of stuff and I really don't.

I'm not good at writing negative reviews, I prefer not to waste time or words on things that I don't like, or I always try to write what's good about something and what I liked instead of what's bad and what I've disliked.

I didn't enjoy this demo at all, but it doesn't mean it's a demo which nobody will like - listen to it and see for yourself. For me - it's just boring raw crap, sorry. Maybe it expresses true darkness or evil or there's something I'm not seeing or hearing, but for me the only thing this demo expresses is lack of talent. "Eternal Punishment"? Well, I'm glad the demo isn't eternal, and I don't feel punished, I just feel bored and a bit disgusted.

                      Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Not really my chalice of venom either, judging on the first listen. It actually manages to be both noisy and inoffensive at the same time as it's quite abrasive (and clumsy) yet manages to become background sound as soon as something catches my attention (easy when listening to music while on computer).

    Seems to be all over the place thematically too, a nice throwback to older times admittedly. From orcs to Transylvania to sodomizing angels. :D

    1. :D Maybe we should do negative reviews as a duo; I babble on and on and digress and you summarize it in 2-4 words!