Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ceremony - Ceremony (Black Spells in a Dark Forest) demo '93

Ceremony was the first ever black metal band from Texas that played European style 90's black metal. This band is a true obscurity but I think it should be better known because they are important part of the history of black metal. They only released two demos, first one was Promo '93 demo tape, the rip of it never leaked on web and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to buy original, it's probably almost impossible even to find a dub of it, at least for me. Later in 1993 band released their second demo titled Ceremony (Black Spells in a Dark Forest) and for long time it's been their final release, but recently a CD compilation was released by Winter Solace Productions titled Ceremony of the Goat 1992-1994 and it contains all of their material (demos, promos and unreleased stuff). I've been meaning to buy this CD and I will someday soon, it's just lately I've had so much priorities to order and not enough money. I really can't wait to someday finally listen to this CD compilation, I am a fan of this band, but for now I just can't order it as I'm saving money to order some CDs from Hollow Myths.

What I'm sharing today isn't a true rip of their '93 demo, but a rip of a dubbed tape. Unfortunately, the dub is only recorded on one channel so the sound isn't too good, but it's acceptable. Also, the volume the tape is dubbed at is extremely low so I ripped this on highest possible volume and it's still not very loud.
My friend thenecromancer sent this dub to me, and it included the photocopied cover too so I scanned that and included in archive I uploaded. I can't really complain about owning a dub of the original demo tape instead of the real thing because the real demo would probably be very hard to get, and extremely expensive too.

Anyway, what we have here is a demo which contains 5 songs and only lasts for 18 minutes. The style is cold, grim black metal which resembles Scandinavian 90's black. Actually, you can read a very good review on metal archives here. The demo is really excellent in my opinion, highly enjoyable and if you like true & pure black metal, honest and dirty like it was done in the 90's you should check it out! To me it's just so surprising and impressive that this demo sounds the way it does considering it was made in '93, I'd expect it was recorded in '96 at least - the band really had potential and were ahead of their time which only makes this demo a must-have for all fans of true black metal. Recommended!

                         Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Ugh, it's just impossible to listen to something that comes only on one channel with headphones. :( I'll see if I can meddle with it a bit when I've a day off next.

    I've been eyeing that compilation CD too, maybe I finally get around to ordering it soon.

  2. I ordered it. :) So now we wait.

    1. Oh :) Awesome. Are you going to add the rip to metalarea when you get it?

      I have so many things to order and not enough money for all of it, plus my credit card just expired so I have to connect paypal to other card and go to bank to get that confirmation code and make a new card as well asap.

      I haven't had time to answer your PM yet, but if Hollow Myths got Depressive Silence we can order that next week? Tomorrow I'm travelling back to my home city for a couple of days so I won't manage to get to bank before they close, and banks don't work on Sunday so I'll solve my card issues first thing Monday morning.

      I also got drunk few days ago and ordered Flauros Chapter II tape, seemed like a good idea at that moment, so now I got to pay for that as well, tape is 13€+shipping...

      And at the worst possible time some guy on Discogs is finally selling some "original" Grausamkeit tapes which are hard to find, so somehow I must buy them next week as well. So depending on how much money I'll have next week, I'll see if I'll order all of the Hollow Myths stuff - I think it's best to buy 7CDs together because postage, you take what you want and I'll grab only 2 or 3 - I just need to decide which.

    2. Yeah I can do that, whenever it arrives since I got it from the States.

      And yeah let's do the HM order next week once you're sorted with the card. I'm not in a hurry.

      I didn't get a straight answer for what postage would be for larger quantity of items but I suppose I'll toss hims some sort of suggestion over the weekend or so.

  3. Funny thing, I have only one speaker functional. First I was like "is this some next gen occult shit intro"... After listening 5 minutes of nothing, second thought, oh well the next track is the same, I guess the tape ripper forgot to press record button! :) Ha ha this demo is really magical if you can't even listen to it without the set of speakers! only for initiated!