Sunday, February 19, 2017

Celeste - Nature Dying… demo '97

Today I'm posting a very obscure demo. Celeste was a band from Tampere, Finland and they only ever released this demo. The demo is pretty short, it only lasts for almost 20 minutes and contains 6 songs - first song being an intro.

I bought this tape few months ago from Discogs from some guy who's selling his private collection. What made me buy it is the very nice cover artwork, and metal archives categorizing their style as dark/black metal (I'm always curious about dark/black, especially if it's Finnish!).

It is supposed to be single-sided pro-tape with xerox cover - what I got does have xerox cover, but the tape is regular and the music is recorded over some other band, so it's a dub and not even dubbed on blank tape. The sound is still very good though!

It was self-released by the band so I don't really know if my seller home-dubbed this and sold me a fake/bootleg, or if the band released it like this and metal archives are wrong about it being a pro-tape. It seems likely to me that a band as obscure as this would self-release a regular cassette and also the other obscure tape I got from the same seller was 100% original, so all of it makes me think what I have is the real deal but who knows. I mean, it's obviously a dub, but that's how people used to do it in 90's so... I can also tell you that the xerox cover doesn't look or feel new or fresh, it is definitely old - the kind of wrinkles like it has don't just happen over night.

The style is dark/black as metal archives say, but more dark than it is black, and at some moments the music sounds like melodic death, melodic doom or even gothic. If you read my reviews, you'll remember that I also had problems defining the genre of Mind as Mine demo tape, and yeah, this demo sounds very much like Mind as Mine. The last song sounds a lot like another band I love - Asrafil, but I'm guessing most of you've never even heard of that obscure band. I don't know with which better known band to compare this with. It's melancholic and melodic and overall I'd say this is a good demo if you like that sort of stuff.

                        Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Ok, I remember this name from somewhere back in the day, possibly due connection to Halls of Mandos/Withered Garden but I don't think I'd actually heard the music... unless Klaus Flaming played it on "Metalliliitto" which is not impossible. Kinda expect Grev to show up to confirm.

    Anyways, now that I've listened to it I'm afraid I must say this falls into the quite large pool of pretty lousy melodic later 90's Finnish metal. I don't like it, repeat listens might change my view but the initial run made me actually cringe at places. You should not tarnish Asrafil's good name with such comparison! ;) I'm quite harsh on Finnish bands of the era, it's probably not nearly as poor to other ears.

    Nice cover though, unusual. As for the tape thing, it is possible they ran out of protapes but had a plenty of covers so they just dubbed the demo on regular ones and kept sending those. Or the "good" old practise of having a "master dub" sent to a distro with a pile of covers and they then dubbed that unto regular cassettes with wildly varying results and sold it with the cover, instant "original" demo. I must say I really dislike that considering how different results it yielded.

    Wow, that ended up longer than I meant, anyways thanks for sharing and I need to ask SM again about the mystical B-side.

    1. I didn't like it at first at all, I was disappointed especially because of the vocals. But over time I'd say I have listened to it probably ~10 or more times before writing the demo review and at the end I thought it's not that bad, it's okay but nothing special.

      I didn't really write that the music is great, I said I like the cover artwork and the style does remind me of bands I mentioned, but I still, of course, love Asrafil and MiM way more than this, it is a bit too melodic, short, empty and feels unfinished. So after many listens - it's ok, nothing more.

      Still, I don't regret buying this tape but I think I've enjoyed B side of the tape more ;)