Saturday, February 11, 2017

Carpathian Forest - Rehearsal 1992 demo

I believe everyone is familiar with Carpathian Forest so there's no need to introduce them. What I'm sharing today is their rehearsal recorded in 1992, it was circulating among tape traders back in the 90's, and my good friend thenecromancer had it so he sent it to me - thank you!
He was confused about what it actually was because he doesn't have any tracklist, he just had this rehearsal dubbed on one side of his tape, on the other side is the Mortuary Drape live concert (one of their many live concert recordings from early 90's). He can't rip so he sent his dubbed tape to me so I can properly study it and figure out what it is, and is it the Rehearsal Outtake demo '92 which was also a part of '97 compilation titled Bloodlust and Perversion. So let's get to it and solve the mystery!

First of all, the Rehearsal Outtake rip which is circulating the web is nothing but part of the compilation '97, it is not a proper source rip of the Rehearsal Outtake cassette. Second of all, notice the term "Outtake" in the title. This is the definition of the word "Outtake":
"a short part of a film or television programme or music recording that was removed and not included, usually because it contains mistakes".
Yep. So this basically means there was a rehearsal 1992 which was edited and cut short and then named Rehearsal Outtake. What I am sharing today is the uncut unedited rehearsal 1992, the rehearsal which later became Rehearsal Outtake demo. This is not a bootleg, it is the actual rehearsal '92 from which Rehearsal Outtake was made.

I noticed a couple of things while ripping this rehearsal tape. I noticed that the tracklist of Rehearsal Outtake on metal archives (and most likely on original Rehearsal Outtake tape) is incorrect. Also, as this demo was a part of the '97 compilation, the tracklist is incorrect on that compilation as well. What I'm saying is - it's not just another metal archives fail like it's usually the case; This time, the label who released the compilation '97 is to blame for incorrect song titles. The first version of this '97 compilation was either self released or a bootleg - that is still unclear, check the Discogs. I don't know if this mistake happened because Rehearsal Outtake demo which was circulating at that time had wrong song titles but I'm guessing that was the case.

So what's the mistake I'm talking about? There are two mistakes. First is, third track is called Return of the Freezing Winds but that's not Return of the Freezing Winds, that's actually rehearsal of Bloodlust and Perversion song which was on the first demo. Return of the Freezing Winds is a part of this rehearsal but most of it was cut out when Rehearsal Outtake was made. Return of the Freezing Winds comes after the last song, Warhead (Venom cover), and on Rehearsal Outtake demo and on compilation '97 is included only the first few riffs of this song at the end of Warhead. On real uncut rehearsal '92, Return of the Freezing Winds was included as the last, sixth track. Rehearsal Outtake only had 5 tracks.

So, to summarize it all, this is the rehearsal made in 1992 which was later cut and edited into Rehearsal Outtake demo and featured on '97 compilation Bloodlust and Perversion. I have added the correct song titles so this is the correct tracklist of this rehearsal:
01. Carpathian Forest [03:42]
02. Call from the Grave (Bathory cover) [05:05]
03. Bloodlust and Perversion [04:31]
04. In the Circle of Ravens [06:49]
05. Warhead (Venom cover) [04:14]
06. Return of the Freezing Winds [04:53]

Ok, so now that's explained, so I only have few more things to say. First, this is a dubbed tape so the sound isn't very good or clear (but I think it's good enough, I've definitely listened to worse). And second, I, of course, don't have the scans of it. What I got is, like I mentioned, a dubbed tape which contains both Carpathian Forest rehearsal and Mortuary Drape live on side B. So, no scans or pictures this time.

And finally the conclusion: download this if you're Carpathian Forest fan, or fan of Norwegian black metal, or you enjoy doomy black and rehearsals from 90's. I sure do enjoy it, I find Carpathian Forest to be one of the best Norwegian black metal bands. I'm going to just finish it here, because if I write Rehearsal Outtake one more time, I'm gonna have a stroke.

                                  Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps) @


  1. Hi, funny that you posted this. I had worked on the same thing earlier and kind of forgot it lying on the contributions folder - exactly the same recording, a rip sent by Baldemar already like three years ago! I think he got it via tape trading too. It's a lower bitrate but otherwise with better sound (=source dub I suppose) - this one has barely any sound on right channel, his is quite even and pretty strong. Maybe I should post it?

    I didn't do that earlier, by the way, because initially it had no tracklisting and was titled "rehearsal '93" so I had to check it and see it was... well basically what you explain in length on your own writeup.

    1. Yeah you should post it, I noticed mine doesn't have almost any sound on right channel and sometimes things like that or similar happen to me when ripping other tapes and it was confusing me because I still don't completely understand how or why that happens - someone who dubbed this tape or a copy that this tape was dubbed from dubbed it the wrong way, is that why things like this happen? I have personally never dubbed a cassette on a double deck so I don't know it from experience.

      Heh mine was called Rehearsal 93 too but I decided to name it Rehearsal 92. You think I should correct that? I think it was recorded in 92, but maybe it was recorded in 93?

    2. No, it's a usual tape trading mistake, this is definitely the '92 rehearsal from which the vaunted Rehearsal Outtake was extracted from. I'm preeeetty sure I checked it at least once or twice, comparing with the "Bloodlust and Perversion" bootleg that has it. I could swear I did that really and not just planned to do so. 95% sure. 90% maybe.

      Ugh, wild variety of mishaps have happened and will probably keep on happening when dubbing tapes. I'm not sure why it actually occurs but this sort of thing is annoyingly common. Have had stuff dubbed by band like this.

    3. Ok so I did ok job, that's good to know, it's 92 like I thought... In 93 CF changed style a bit so that's why I guessed it's from 92.
      It frustrates me how people can just make a bootleg without even having decency to at least check if tracks have correct names. If someone else was ripping this dub, I'm pretty sure they would mess up and do the common mistake with it all. Fuck metal archives.

    4. Alright, posted Baldemar's rip, check it out at your leisure!

    5. Thank you, downloaded it and will listen to it after Vornat!