Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blood Storm - In Howls of Pain and Fury live '98

Alright, I decided to share another tape rip today. But I don't really feel inspired enough to write too many words about this tape so this review is going to be prettty short.

Blood Storm is thrash/black metal band from Pennsylvania, formed in '94 and so far they've released many, many albums and demos and various other things, their discography is pretty big but that's a good thing because this is a great band! There's nothing too special about the style of black metal they play, it's pretty standard evil black thrash, pretty old school and pure. Blood Storm is one of the bands I really love - the band really has charisma, and is (in my opinion) one of the best bands, if not the best, of this subgenre from United States.

The band released their first demo in '95, second demo in '96 and first full-length album in '97 and this tape rip I'm sharing contains their Milwaukee Metal Fest live concert from '97 on which they, of course, performed their early songs.

The demo is short, lasts for 24 minutes and contains 4 songs. First song is titled Iron Flames of Battle and this song was on their first full-length album The Atlantean Wardragon. Second song is Crypts of Sorcery which was released on their '97 demo Death by the Stormwizard, third song is Yuggothian Slavers which appears both on their second demo and first full-length album. Finally, last song is Destroyer from their first demo '95 which was also on band's first full-length.

The tape was released by Chanteloup Creations so it looks very simple, just photocopied paper for cover and dubbed single-sided tape. The sound is not very good, it sounds like it was recorded with a potato but it's still pretty enjoyable for me.

I think Blood Storm is one of the cult American bands, and everyone who loves black metal should know about them so I'd say - check them out if you aren't familiar with the band already, and if you are - well, this is the first time this tape rip is on web so it's something new (or should I say "unheard before"?) from Blood Storm for you to enjoy!

                      Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @ yadi.sk


  1. You're right, the sound is quite chaotic and thunderous but kind of fits the music majority of the time. I wonder how short slots they had there, I've an Absu show also from Miliwaukee and it was over surprisingly soon too.

    None of that excess noise on this one, by the way. Then again, there are no really quiet moments either!

    1. By excess noise you mean spinning sound which sounds like a helicopter? I may as well answer about it here and mention it again when I write long(er) reply privately on metalarea - this sound doesn't only happen with Skoll and YSB, I've been struggling with it more often than you'd think. But it's not on all the tapes, so it's not a problem with cable or anything like that, cable is new just like the tape to mp3 converter thingy. I can't remember all the tapes which had this helicopter sound, usually it doesn't get noticed because I cut songs well and don't leave silence between songs, and if music on tape is brutal, and not silent or ambient it's hard or impossible to even hear that noise even if it was on rip. Anyway, all the tapes which I can remember that had helicopter sound were TDK and old. Blood Storm is a TDK but it didn't have that spinning sound.

    2. Oh and Lukemborg Forau demo has this spinning noise extremely loud - actually one channel only has that noise, and other channel music :( and Lukemborg isn't a TDK, it's some weird Ilford tape like this: