Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Skapt av Skog - Skapt av skog EP '13

It's time for some obscure Norwegian black metal! Skapt av Skog were a band from Norway, active in the mid 90's and they only ever recorded one short demo/EP. This demo was circulating the scene, but was never officially released. Fallen Temple released their material (which was recorded back in '96) as a MCD in 2013 - I'm really not sure if it was with of without band's permission. Before Fallen Temple released it, this band wasn't even listed on metal archives. As I'm not sure if Skapt av Skog gave permission to Fallen Temple to release their material, I can't really say if this is a proper EP or maybe a bootleg?

Anyhow, I was recently ordering stuff from some distro and saw they have this CD in stock so I grabbed it and decided to share it with you guys, including pics and scans.

What we have here is typical Norwegian 90's black, nothing too special really. The production is very good, and I like the bass lines - they are pretty noticeable. To be honest, it's been years since I've properly listened to Norwegian bands. I used to listen to them a lot, but then I started studying other scenes and somehow I just ended up not listening to Nowegian bands anymore. They are great and all, especially when I feel nostalgic... and they do have this special sound, but I just somehow got bored of it with time and currently I'm more focused on studying other scenes from 90's like French, Italian, German, Finnish and Polish.

If I had to compare Skapt av Skog with one or two Norwegian bands, I'd compare them with Taake and Ragnarok. Can someone help me with this? I just can't even remember which other bands do Skapt av Skog remind me of! There were so many Norwegian bands back then, and I've listened to most of them but now there's a big mess in my head - somehow it very much resembles Bergen scene even though the band wasn't from Bergen, so maybe I'm just imagining things because of all the mentioned mess in my head. It also reminds me of early Helheim (the viking black from Bergen, not the industrial black from Sarpsborg). Vocals are kind of crazy, and ... oh I think this is going to eat me alive, but I know I've heard these vocals or something extremely similar before and it was from 90's and Norwegian!

From well known bands it definitely compares to mid 90's Taake sound, especially because of the bass lines, structure of songs and production. You can disagree with me in the comments of this post, I'm very curious if you have something to say and/or wish to correct me. With thousands of 90's underground bands that I listen to (or try to find time to listen to), it sometimes gets hard to remember all the right information that's in my head. In any case, Skapt av Skog sound good to me. 3 songs that we have here last only 10 minutes and I really have nothing more to say than that I'm enjoying it.
At the same time, let's just be objective and realistic - this really is typical Norwegian mid 90's to early '00 stuff, and I'll always prefer some more unique bands from that era than this, some band that did their own thing back then, like Mysticum or Forgotten Woods or Strid.
But I'll also be realistic and say there's a hell of a lot potential in this and I'm sad Skapt av Skog didn't release anything else, I'd love to listen to more - 10 minutes isn't really enough.

Conclusion is, I'd recommend this to everyone - if you like 90's black, or Norsk black, pure black, if you're interested in the history of black, if you want to hear underrated band and so on. Just listen to it!
And if you want to order a copy, you can get it from Fallen Temple directly (it won't cost you much) or from other distros who sell it (I'm not sure which distro sells what so check Discogs). I think it's worth buying.

                         Download my CD rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @ yadi.sk

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  1. It's always interesting to uncover more Norse relics, this is right up my alley. Like you said it's good and I agree there's some of that Taake vibe present. But by no means great or very distinct, it kind of does get lost among the flock of its peers.

    I might still pick up a copy, better check Fallen Temple out.