Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Norns - Pazuzu EP '16

Norns is an excellent band from Finland formed in 2005. So far they have released a demo '05 called In Fog They Appear, split with Kathaarian called Satanic Mentality in 2007, and this Pazuzu EP last year. The band members are quite famous for their work in some other great bands - the mastermind behind Norns is Behemoth from Aske, he was also bassist of Azazel and Vornat; the other Norns members also play in pretty good Finnish black band called Nattfog. Norns style can be described as pretty typical Finnish pure black - which means mid tempo with excellent melodic guitar  riffs in vein of Kadotus, Warloghe, Satanic Warmaster and Vornat.

I discovered Norns probably 10 years ago, I managed to get In Fog They Appear demo and I fell in love with it, it's still one of my all time favorite demos. Few months ago when I saw Norns had finally released new material, I had to buy it and was so excited to finally hear it.

Pazuzu was recorded in 2015, released as a CD limited to 500 copies by Deviant Records and as a cassette limited to 150 copies by German label Penetration Hammer in 2016. I ordered the tape directly from Penetration Hammer month ago, and to my surprise I even got one tape for free for no reason - Stygian Temple album '16! Thank you very much for sending me that tape for free, good Sir.
I have to say this German label makes such good high quality tapes - both tapes that I've received have beautiful glossy layout and the tapes are black and professionally made without sticker, but with band logos printed on them. I really love tapes like these!!

This EP is pretty short, 19 minutes divided into 4 tracks. There's no intro or outro, just 4 songs that last 4-5 minutes each. I am not going to describe each song, even though each song is very unique; The best part about it are the guitar riffs which are so damn good and I'd dare to say what we have here are 4 melancholic true black metal hymns.
My favorite song on this short EP is second track Pazuzu which reminds me so much of Absurd's song Werewolf! The riffs at beginning of the song are so similar! This song is so good, it's just perfect! Actually, it is hard to even pick a favorite song on this short EP as each of them is perfect - I really haven't listened to such good demo/EP from the ones that were recently released.

I expected it to be good, but it's even better than I hoped it will be. I love the new Aske demo Vuohi, but this is just better than it, if those two can even compare - maybe I should not compare the two because the mood on Aske is very evil, and the mood on Pazuzu is very nostalgic and melancholic. Actually, both demos are equally good - first few times when I listened to Aske demo I really loved it, but the more I listen to it the more and more I love it, it's an excellent demo as well.

I am just glad I bought this demo! It is one of those albums that can be listened many times over and over, sort of like Diaboli's Mesmerized by Darkness, and each song is so good that it's hard to pick the best song, I just keep changing my mind the more I listen to it. If Norns first demo wasn't so damn good, I'd say this is their best work so far. But I can't decide which of the two I enjoy more - I like how long the songs are on In Fog They Appear, but I also feel that the shorter songs on this EP are exactly as they should be - it wouldn't feel right if they were any longer than they are.

I'm just going to say it: this could be the best short album (demo or EP) released in 2016. It's just too perfect and now I love Norns even more. What a band! This is why I love black metal, this is why I live for it, this is just... wow!!!

                         Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @ yadi.sk


  1. Hi, just started to listen to it and couldn't wait till finish to comment that yeah, the title track's beginning is just straight outta Thuringia! First song's groovy start also caught me a bit by surprise. Anyways, I can say I need to buy this right away as soon as possible.

    1. I think I've changed my mind about which is my favorite song, I think it's Winds of Blasphemy, it's so damn good!
      Hehe I'm guessing you'll buy the CD version of it ;)

    2. Well, it's only 95% likely! I might run across a cassette copy at some merchandise stall at a gig or festival or something and pick that up, these things happen.

      I think my favourite is the title track. I still lean a bit towards In Fog They Appear but both are good in their own way and different enough to not directly compare. It's not very common, you know?

    3. Yeah I agree. Actually, this new Norns material sounds more like new Aske demo should sound like than new Aske demo.
      New Aske demo doesn't compare with older Aske as good as new Norns EP does, that's just my opinion.