Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nocturnal Prophecy - Murderous Ancestral Ritual demo '02

Today is the day for some evil, dirty black! Yesterday I have started listening to Blood Storm discography, a very interesting band from United States. And then in the middle of listening their first demos, I got the urge to listen to some old Absu (well, not early death metal Absu, I felt like listening to The Third Storm of Cythrául). After that I was curious and started listening to Bloody Harvest, but couldn't finish listening to it because it pretty much sucked and it made me want to listen to Moonblood. Before I even started listening to some old Moonblood, I had another urge - for some old Skyforger. And all this listening session did to me, is that it reminded me how much I've missed listening to brutal, grim black. Lately, I ended up really prefering melodic black, and all of it's subgenres and mid to low tempo black. And I ended up just listening to such bands. And after all of this, I have to say Nocturnal Prophecy really reminded me how much I've been missing fast brutal angry evil black.

Nocturnal Prophecy is a band from France, formed in 1998. So far, they've released 2 demos. According to metal archives, the band is still active so maybe they'll release more in future. First demo was released in '99 and is pretty short, 20 minutes of fast hateful raw black, and the cover artwork is most likely one of the most overused covers in history of black. Second demo, this one I'm posting today, was released in 2002 and prior to this, never even leaked digitally on web. Also, I think it's maybe worth mentioning that band members (according to metal archives) weren't in any other bands, except for the drummer who also played in Anwynn, another French band I like. Anwynn was pretty good.
Ok, so lets finally get to the main subject here which is Murderous Ancestral Ritual demo. First of all, why did I buy it and how have I discovered it? Well, I was spying on what people are selling on Discogs few weeks ago, and came across it. To be honest, I've never even heard of this band prior to this happening. I saw this tape on sale on Discogs and I also saw that one of my closest friends, EmptinessCycle, has it in his Discogs wishlist. Then, I went to see if it's perhaps on metalarea, so I can download it and listen to it and - only their first demo was there, but I saw few of my Russian friends really loved the first demo so I added this demo to my Discogs wishlist. And after some time, I was ordering stuff from Drakkar, and saw they have this tape in stock so I thought why not buying it too, with the other tapes I bought from them? So I did.
I have to say Drakkar is pretty good seller, I'm satisfied. The prices of tapes are on spot, 5€ no matter how old, or how new, or how limited, pro or regular tape. The ordering process is painless - I didn't even need to spend days exchanging emails with sellers like it usually goes, it was all very simple and pleasant experience. My package arrived very fast, in couple of days and the only problem with it was that my Ancient Sign Glorify demo I ordered wasn't in best shape. You'll see that when I make a post about this legendary Brazilian band soon. The tape works fine, but the cover layout and sticker on tape is confusing and in pretty weird condition. Nonetheless, I'd recommend Drakkar as a good seller.

I've listened to Nocturnal Prophecy's first demo, the low bitrate version that I was able to find and download, and it sounded great, maybe only a bit too loud, especially compared to my rip. I think my rip of the second demo that I'm sharing now is satisfying enough, even with the bad ripping equipment that I currently have, but it's ripped on much lower volume than the first demo.

This demo is not as brutal and as angry as the first demo was, which I really like. It's still mid tempo to high tempo raw black, pretty standard for the genre. The vocals are great, the riffs are great, the bass is pretty noticeable and loud which I really enjoy. The drums are also very very good - that's one skilled drummer right there! I don't really feel the need to compare the sound of Nocturnal Prophecy on this demo with other bands as it's so typical and standard, I could compare it to too many bands. What's important is that it's good. Or it's not, it's evil. Which is good. :)

So, the conclusion is that I'm enjoying this, it's very good, and I'm glad to have this tape. But I'm not impressed enough to think of Nocturnal Prophecy as one of my all time favorite bands. It is good enough to consider them as one of the good underrated 90's black bands. The demo doesn't sound like it was made in 2002 to me, it sounds more like it was made in the very late 90's. And when it comes to this specific subgenre, I'd say it's a bit better than average. So this is recommended to people who enjoy raw black and pure black metal and French scene and of course, second wave/90's stuff.

                          Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @