Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nekron - Border of Light and Darkness album '14

Once upon a time, there was a very good Polish black metal band called Immanis back in the mid '90s, it's one of my favorite Polish bands. Immanis only ever released two demos which were both excellent. One of the members of Immanis, called Nekron, who was bassist of Immanis, recently made his one man band - Nekron. Nekron was formed in 2012, released first full-length called Diadra year later, and this album in 2014.

I don't really expect much from new black metal, my passion is 90's metal so I'm always very skeptical and open minded when listening to album recorded in this decade. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this Nekron album, so I decided to write a review and post it on my blog.

Unfortunately, I don't have the first Nekron album Diadre, so I can't compare the two albums. I can't find anywhere online to download it, so I think I'll order it but it will be a while before it arrives so if you have this first album, in any format or bitrate, please share with me, I'll be happy to listen to it. I did read an interesting review of it here, and judging by this great review Diadre is great but Border of Light and Darkness is even better!

I have to say that even though Nekron was in Immanis, his band sounds nothing like Immanis, it really couldn't be more different. What we have here is cold atmospheric black metal/ambient, some may even call it depressive, very much like Lustre, Veldes, Elderwind and such good bands.

It's so cold outside these days, everything is so peacefully frozen, covered in snow, so calm and dreamy. Maybe that's why I found myself enjoying Nekron so much? Its atmosphere fits perfectly with this weather. I really enjoyed reading this review and I dont think I can top it, the author already said everything perfectly and no need to repeat it. Well, I will quote him on this, as I really love how he put it: "It is like a march of souls, draped in a shroud of death; they touch a listener with their penetrating coldness and transfer it to them. Strange, we are not willing to escape from this coldness but we fall into dark sleep which we won’t be able to awake from."
I'd really recommend you to read that review if you want to know what Nekron sounds like before listening to it. I'd also recommend reading the interview with Nekron, it's interesting even though it's badly translated from Polish to English.

This album amazed me so much, just... wow!! Second track Shadows is just so perfect, you know what? I would dare to even compare it to Burzum's Filosofem, which, in my opinion, is one of the best albums ever made. It's just so enjoyable, vocals are perfectly raw and full of despair - just outstandingly good for this type of music.
I must buy this. It's actually pretty cheap - I noticed many Polish distros like Werewolf Promotion, Putrid Cult, Easthate, Heerwegen Tod and Black Death Productions have excellent low prices, many good albums can be bought from them very cheap, so right now - it became my priority to order both albums as soon as I can.
Clearly, I don't have this album as original yet - what I did find is a rip of it in very good quality, but with no scans unfortunately so that's what I'm sharing with you today. When I make a rip of my own, I'll get back to this and update it the way I like to do - archive will include scans and pictures.

That's it for now, I hope you'll enjoy this masterpiece as much as I did.

                                               Download mp3@CBR320kbps from


  1. Borderline, wonderful blog and you write very interesting. I look forward to a new, thank you.

    1. :) Thank you, my dear friend. I'm glad you enjoy it.

  2. I must say you got me curious with this and yeah, all of a minute into first song it sounds great!

    One thing I failed to mention on the previous entries is that I valued the meticulous tagging on the rips you had done. This, unfortunately, suffered from the same atrocious mistitling as the Metal Archives and Discogs entries; there's no "the" on the title and the tracklisting contains errors too. Apparently someone botched the Archives entry and the lazy Discogs contributor just copied it. Oh it makes me mad!

    Nekron's website had the proper tracklisting:

    Enough ranting, thanks for bringing this to my attention, the music sounds still good (five minutes in)!

    1. I was wondering why the song is called "Mainstay og Holiness" but who am I to judge.
      Thank you for letting me know, I've corrected everything here and on metalarea now.

    2. Heh yeah, it can be hard to be sure if you don't have full scans available. Sadly both M.A. and Discogs contributors can be terribly sloppy from time to time.

      I presume the tags here were leftover from the rip you found online, didn't mean to imply you were at fault.

      I'm actually very interested in hearing the first album too and toy with the idea of ordering the tape, it is like you mention very cheap after all.