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Mind as Mine - Author of Your Dreams demo '97

A couple of years ago, I got my hands on very underground and obscure Various Artists compilation that included several bands from Iceland. I can no longer remember how or why I downloaded it on Soulseek, I'm going to take a guess and say it was because I was downloading all the Sólstafir that I could find. I fell completely in love with that compilation (back then it wasn't even listed on metal archives)! I listened to it over and over again, it really impressed me and, up to this day, it stayed one of my all time favorite Various Artists compilations. I tried to find all the demos from bands on this compilation, and with time I managed to find Mind as Mine demo in VBR quality - and I liked it, so recently - I bought the tape.

Mind as Mine was formed in '95, the line-up of this band is unknown - all that's known is that the vocalist was Sólstafir and Potentiam drummer Gummi who also had one-man band called Hólókaust 2001. I really don't know what to say about the label which released this demo - it says on metal archives that all Mind as Mine releases was self-released, and it says on Discogs this tape was released by label called Deep Cave Communications. I also noticed that on discogs this is the only release by this label. I think the case here is - this label was led by Solstafir drummer, and he self-released it through his label. It seems likely, because I don't think there were two pressings of this demo tape. Or maybe this label was led by one of his friends? I wonder if Deep Cave Communications ever released anything else. Who knows.

Anyway, Mind as Mine only ever released two demo tapes: Author of Your Dreams in '97 and I Am God Now in '99. Two out of three songs from their first demo appeared on the Various Artists compilation - but in completely different versions.

Author of Your Dreams lasts for a bit over 20 minutes. The music on this demo is unique, I can say I've never really listened to a band that sounds like this. It draws elements from dark/melancholic doom metal, melodic death metal, some black/doom metal and some depressive rock. As for the genre, I'd say it's a mix of melodic death/doom and black/doom metal.

This demo is so strange. It's strange how guitar parts here just follow the bass, and the bass guitar is responsable for the melody. The guitar sound is so weird, it's almost like some sort of noise that completes the music - sort of takes the role of keyboards, if you think about it. I mean, the guitar sounds like some sort of rustle. Don't get me wrong, it's not like that on all songs, there are some very nice guitar melodies here too, but also plenty of bass guitar melodies.

Oh, and the vocals are so strange too! I don't even know how to describe them - maybe if I say that it sounds like some guy speaking and yelling with some sort of microphone effects? I don't really like the vocals but I have to say they somehow fit perfectly with the music. The mood is melancholic and nostalgic, sad and peaceful.

As you can see on my scans, the layout has lyrics on them. I've read them and these are some of the best lyrics I've ever read. No Satanic stuff here, as metal archives say - lyrical themes are philosophy. The lyrics are wise and personal, dreamy and deep. I am more impressed by Mind as Mine than I can put into words. Such an obscure and unknown band, yet - such divineness!

The conclusion is - this is one of my all time favorite demos. It is melodic, it has character, it is personal, emotional and deep. It sounds unique. There's a lot of talent behind it, a lot of mystery too. I truly respect this demo and I hope to someday find the second Mind as Mine demo too. And I just don't know to whom would I recommend it - all I'm going to say is that if you're expecting some grim, hateful black - just skip this. I guess I can say I would recommend this demo to open minded and curious, and to people who enjoy melodic and melancholic doom/death metal and doom/black

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