Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hegemoon - Bogobójca EP '16

I was recently ordering from Polish label Putrid Cult, saw they're selling this and decided to buy it. It's a limited pro-tape, and the price was very cheap, and as I love all things Polish - I thought why not buying it?

Hegemoon is Polish pagan black metal band formed in 2000 and so far they've released 2 full-length albums, 4 splits, 1 promo demo and this EP which was released as a split CD with Neoheresy, and as a cassette EP. The tape is nice, pro cover + pro tape, it was released by Polish label Total War and limited to 55 copies. The EP contains 5 tracks and lasts for 23 minutes.

I've been listening to quite a lot of Hegemoon today because I wanted to see if this EP is better or worse compared to the rest of their material, and I also wanted to see if maybe there's a reason why I'm not a big fan of this band. I hoped maybe I'll like Hegemoon a bit more after I listen to them for a couple of hours. So, let me try to express my opinion about it all.

The music Hegemoon makes is pretty typical fast paced melodic black metal. I feel like I've heard bands who sound like Hegemoon too many times, it's really nothing original or interesting. I mean, it's a good band but their music is just a bit too boring to me.
Which band would I compare Hegemoon's music to? I really don't know, first band that comes to mind is Arkona, and I guess I could compare them with many other pretty standard fast paced melodic/pagan black metal bands, but usually when a band sounds so standard and heard-before, I just forget I even listened to them so I can't even remember which other bands I'd compare this to. I could probably compare them with Besatt - I get equally bored listening to both bands.

The music on EP is maybe a bit better than the rest of the discography, everything is tiny bit more melodic and the bass is louder than on other albums. It's a good EP if you just want to listen to some standard Polish pagan black metal, or if you're a fan of this band. I personally don't like it or dislike it, for me it's just "meh".

That's all I have to say about this EP. I'd say - listen to it and you'll probably enjoy it. I enjoyed it, I'm just not impressed enough to write a very long review about it.

                         Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. I suppose I should agree with you, this is very mediocre. I listened to it... a few days ago? and I find myself unable to recall anything from what I heard. ;) It just sort of went in and came right out again; a pleasant enough guest, did not leave a mess and washed the dishes but didn't really bring anything to the table or stir the imagination.

    1. I listened to it probably over 5 times, and I still can't really remember what it sounded like. It sounded fine, hahahah, that's what I'd say now if somebody'd ask me what this EP sounded like.

      But at least the tape is really nice and was cheap, and it's Polish so - I'm satisfied.