Monday, January 16, 2017

Cidium - Izvrnuta Liturgija demo '13

Cidium is a black/death metal band from Croatia formed in 2010 and this is their first demo tape. Prior to Izvrnuta Liturgija, they've digitally released 2 one-track demos.
The style can be decribed as bestial black/death which obviously draws influences from bands such as Von, Black Witchery, Sadistik Exekution, Revenge and Proclamation.

I'm really not a fan of bestial black/death, I'm rarely in the mood to listen to this kind of bands - they usually make my head hurt and my ears feel raped. But today, I'm sick, I think I have a flu so my head hurts anyway so why not listen to some Cidium? :)

I got this tape years ago, I think it was when it first came out. I got it from a friend who is friends with the band. My copy isn't the first version of the demo which was self-released and limited to 20 copies, mine is pro tape limited to 100 copies (not handnumbered) released by Gravplass Propaganda, and I have to say I enjoy looking at the tape more than listening to it. It's very nice quality tape: nice pro cover + black pro tape, I really love pro tapes. Everything from cover artwork, to colors that dominate the artwork of the layout and the appearance of the tape itself says it's bestial black/death, and music is just typical for the genre - fast tempo, short songs, hateful Satanic atmosphere with evil sound. 
I've listened to this demo quite a lot lately and I have to say when I first started listening, every song sounded the same, pretty boring and something I've heard a thousand times before. But now, after some time, I think I actually like it. It doesn't really sound like some not well known underground band from my small country, I have a feeling like I'm listening to some USBM, if USBM band had lyrics on Croatian language. Well, it seems not all songs are on Croatian, actually the song which I like the most on this demo is on English, it's called "My Hunger" and has some mid tempo headbanging parts, really really good!

So, the conclusion is - it's really not bad, and if you enjoy bestial black/death - I think you will enjoy this demo.

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