Saturday, January 7, 2017

Aske - Vuohi demo '16

Aske has always been one of my most favorite black metal bands, ever since I discovered them, which wasn't that long ago - maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I didn't really have access to more underground bands before that, because I had crappy internet, terrible network connection which I'm not even sure I can call "a network connection" so ... yeah, most of the more obscure bands I have discovered pretty recently, 3-5 years ago. I actually didn't have proper network connection until June 2016, prior to that I was connecting to other people's network connections. And before that, I only had mobile internet stick which had very limited traffic, maybe 20GB/month which is nothing. I had to use that as back then I lived in my hometown with my family, and we live on a hill surrounded by kilometers of forests and there's hardly any signal.

Now that I've finished explaining something which has nothing to do with Aske, I can continue talking about Aske. Those of you who know me, know very well that my weakness is exactly this kind of bands, '90s, with only a couple of demos released, obscure, espacially if there's a nice looking picture like this on metal archives. Oh, and Finnish, Finnish is definitely my weakness - it really seems Finnish people are great at whatever music they make. From doom/rock/dark stuff, there's Mana Mana which I love even though I don't understand their lyrics. Finnish people also made great doom/death metal like Thergothon and Skepticism and too many to mention. And when it comes to black, it's one of my favorite scenes, probably favorite after Polish black metal. I'm picky with my music, so it's not easy at all to be one of my very few all time favorite Finnish bands. I guess the only finnish black metal bands I worship more are gods Beherit and Barathrum, the bands I worship just as much as Aske are Vornat, Diaboli and Unhola, and bands I worship a tiny bit less are Warloghe and Kadotus. Aske is fucking perfect in every way. I remember downloading and listening Saatan Legio and Goatfuck demos/compilation and it was just IT, it hit the spot, it was perfect. After that I managed to find and download their rehearsal, which was also perfect. I ordered CD compilation years ago, still have it - didn't even know it was also released as tape until recently, and now I wish I had bought the cassette, not the stupid CD. As you continue reading my blog, I'm sure you'll notice me saying over and over I hate CDs. Well, hate's a strong word, I just dislike them. They are big, ugly-looking, they break, they cost more etc, million other reasons.

Anyway, where was I? Well I've been worshipping Aske ever since I discovered this band, and now the new demo came out. If someone told me 3 years ago Aske will make new demo, I don't think I'd believe them. But Aske did it. And last month, probably beginning of December, I was just online and saw on metal archives that Aske has new demo. I freaked out, really! I got obssessed with it. Very close friends will know I talked about ordering it over and over, just couldn't get it out of my head. Contacted Wolfsvuur, and they replied saying they sold all copies and suggested I go look at The Sinister Flame or Astral Temple, I did but I don't really remember what happened. I know I saw Aske tape on one of them, and wanted to order something else too because it's stupid to just order one tape, and didn't find anything else there that I really want. So I didn't order it, and have spent days just watching it on Discogs. And I saw Tour de Garde was selling it, I wanted to order and had to pick more tapes to order with it. And couldnt make up my mind, as Tour de Garde has too many stuffs I want. I'm still in progress of deciding what to order from Tour de Garde.

Anyway (once again), as time was passing, I didn't forget about Aske, it was still my top priority to order it. And one day I was ordering from Drakkar and went to see what other tapes they sell, saw Aske new demo and ordered. I was just going to buy Mind as Mine and Ancient Sign Glorify but it was perfect how they had Aske too! So I bought, it arrived in my mailbox, I ripped, scanned etc.

I was fucking excited to get this demo naturally, and even though the cover paper is just simple photocopied paper as Chanteloup used to make, I had no problem with it. What I did have problems with is that it's so damn short! What the hell, Mr. Behemoth? Why? I just got into it and it's over! only 12 minutes? I want more! I mean, I only managed to get into the element and think if I like it or not, started really enjoying it and then - it's done! I didn't know it was this short when I ordered the tape, I was too crazy and excited to look, so when I listened to it on my cassette player for the first time I ended up pressing FFWD a lot, and through entire B side of tape hoping there's more! How could you do this to me Behemoth? I mean, my friends know I'm a very patient person but... it really feels like when you're starving, somebody gives you big fat delicious juicy pizza, you take a bite and they take it away from you!

I'm honestly a bit scared, I mean it's been almost 2 decades since Aske made new material (prior to making Vuohi) and now what? How long is it gonna be before I get another slice of this perfect pizza? I mean, Behemoth did make new Norns, so that tape will satisfy my hunger for a while. But, but... well, I guess I shouldn't be greedy, I should be grateful. I am. I truly am.

This demo is not as good as the old stuff, vocals are worse in a way, or just different, but it's still very enjoyable for me.

First track is short intro, after that is awesome pure black metal track, pretty short, less than 4 minutes - feels very hateful, normal Finnish black metal kind of like Horna but I enjoy it more knowing it's my precious Aske. Third song is perfect as well, excellent riffs!

I really really love the demo, and as I've said the only problem is that it's too short. If you must know what's my favorite track, it's Horns. And I also think it's fucking sexy how one songs's called Goat Worship - hell yeah!! Worship The Goat until we're all rotten and eaten by worms!!

It's really headbanging BM, like old Diaboli's Mesmerized by Darkness or Vornat's The Unholy Evil One (just not as epic and not as good).

I am not disappointed, demo was enjoyable for me, real pure black metal and I really have nothing else to say except that cassette is limited to 50 copies and my copy (the one i got from Drakkar) is 50/50 so order it while you can. Tour de Garde still has it and probably a few more distros too. I'm guessing it will cost you 5-12 € depending where you order it from + shipping and I think it's worth it. Cheers for now, I'm done.


  1. All the best with your blog Borderline1991,
    Keep it up!

  2. Wow, your entries are fun to read, keep up the good work! It's like an unobstructed stream of thought.

    "As you continue reading my blog, I'm sure you'll notice me saying over and over I hate CDs. Well, hate's a strong word, I just dislike them. They are big, ugly-looking, they break, they cost more etc, million other reasons."
    Hey, my preferred format. Well, I've many times mentioned how I dislike and distrust cassettes (fragile traitorous bastards!) so let's not go there. ;)

    1. It's interesting how you dislike cassettes, and yet your entire blog is full of demo tape rips.

      But I get what you mean. CDs are easier to rip. And also, some of the demo tapes I've bought were recorded over some other band so those tapes ended up having mysterious unplanned bonus material. But I still like tapes (imperfect as they are), they are just so tiny and cute!

    2. My mistrust and dislike of the format is a result of long years of using them and having so many break, or stretch, or receive a bad dub and so on and on that it's left a sour taste in my mouth. Actually the prime reason I started the blog was to digitize my old tapes to a more practical format. :)

      I understand the romantic appeal cassette may have and yeah, they are cute, that can't be denied! The unplanned bonus content can be a great thing at best and terrible liability at worst; some tapes didn't do well dubbed over and you could hear as background noise the item someone had overdubbed! Though not sure if that was failure of equipment used or the tape itself. I've a few rare recordings that are practically unlistenable due that. :(

  3. Soon Aske - vuohi and also Aske - saatan legio/ goatfuck tapes out from worship tapes

  4. 4-way split tape with one new Aske track out soon, also recording Aske/Gnosis Occultus split album

  5. aske will appear in 4-way split tape one new song and now recording Aske/Gnosis Occultus split album

    1. Thank you for the info! Will order a copy when it's released!