Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ancient Sign Glorify - Thy Unholy Celebration demo '95

I was going to post something Finnish today, but I've decided to post this demo instead. Afterall, I did make a mention of it in my previous post so I think it's appropriate.

Ancient Sign Glorify was a very obscure, underrated and forgotten band from Brazil which only ever released a couple of demos: the live tape '95 called Live in Garage which I desperately want to find (but had no luck so far), this demo and the '97 demo simply called Hail Satan.

I discovered this band years ago, when I had a phase of studying Brazilian 90's underground black bands and it's been one of my favorite bands ever since.

As I mentioned in my last post, I ordered this demo from Drakkar. I was very surprised to see they sell this, as I've never seen it anywhere else - it's not even on Discogs. I just had to buy it, and I'm happy to have bough it not only for fair price (I don't think the price is fair to be completely honest), but fucking cheap - I paid 5€ for it! Only 5€! I think Drakkar boss doesn't know how precious and obscure this demo is; The fair price would be 15€ at least! This is a true rarity! I've also mentioned the tape wasn't in best shape, even if it works properly. I'll tell you more about the problem. Maybe it's easier if I show you.
The tape layout was like this when I got it, and also if you enlarge the picture you'll see the tape sticker says this is Ancient Sing Glorify :)
I don't really know what to think. If you look at metal archives you'll see what I mean. There's a different version of it on archives with black & white cover and more tracks... Anyway, I got what I got and I hope you'll enjoy it.
I was going to share with you rip I've already made days ago, but now after listening to it again I came to conclusion it's ripped on very low volume and I don't like it so I'm ripping it again as I'm writing this.

Anyway, important thing to say here is that even though there are 4 tracks listed on metal archives, there are only 2 tracks on my tape. And I have a friend from France who knows many things about Drakkar and I've told him about this tape and he said Drakkar boss is famous for making bootlegs, and for releasing tapes without band's permission. My friend said the same thing happened to him with Drakkar tapes, and he even confronted Drakkar about it and Drakkar just had nothing to say about it. I don't think it's ok to rip demos from one's personal collection and to make tapes with new cover artwork out of it and sell those...

But you know what? Whatever the case is, I don't want to be negative. The tape is what it is! I accepted it, and so should you! I tried to make the best rip of it that I could, and I've included scan and pictures too. And I don't know what's the truth - did this demo have 4 songs or 2 as I have on my tape? Did it have black & white cover or did it have the cover as I got with my tape? I can't know that but I can tell you what I believe. I believe Drakkar boss had this demo in his collection, complete or incomplete - I can't say for sure, and he made a tape out of it with new cover artwork. I have a strong feeling Drakkar boss doesn't know Ancient Sign Glorify members, and those people perhaps don't know their tape came out and is in stock of some distro with a very different cover artwork. I can't prove it, as I can't get the '95 tape directly from the band. So it's just going to stay a theory and my personal hunch.

Ahhh this is once again getting to be way longer review than what I had planned. And I haven't even said anything about the genre yet! I'd say this is pure unholy 90's black, very good and with a lot of potential. The two tracks last a little bit less than 9 minutes, there's no intro that appears on the low bitrate version of this demo that's listed on metal archives and that was previously available for downloading on web and p2p applications which is a shame because I love that intro. But it's okay, because the same intro appears on Hail Satan demo. Both tracks on demo last a bit longer than 4 minutes, they both have pretty catchy riffs - guitar is dominating, but I like how the bass can also be heard very well which is not always the case with black metal. Tempo is mid to (s)low, just like pure black should be. Vocals are awesome, evil-sounding and grim.

Sorry for not making another post today as I had planned, I guess you'll have to wait for it for few more days. I just don't want to force myself to do anything, it should all come naturally. Quality over quantity. This demo is excellent and recommended, I love it!

Update: I was contacted by Ancient Sign Glorify vocalist and he explained that this demo tape that I ripped and posted is the second version, a re-release of the first demo which was recorded in December '94. First press version contained Intro + 3 songs and had black & white cover layout; This demo was also re-released once again, for the third time, this time titled Hail Satan. Also, Live in Garage tape mentioned on metal archives that I was looking for is on youtube, you can listen to it here.

                       Download my tape rip (mp3@CBR320kbps + pics and scans) @


  1. Thanks for this - yes, Noktu of Drakkar is notorious - he bootlegged a lot of LLN and had a big problem with Vordb as a result.

    1. well... at least he's not that mexican dude who bootlegged bunch of french stuff for ebay, I guess that's something :D

  2. Thanks for this Borderline1991!
    Your rip is excellent!
    As for the demo yep it had 4 tracks as it is stated on metal archives.
    There is a rip of this that is circulated around the net, check here:

    1. Ahhh I don't even know what to think anymore honestly. Did I buy a bootleg? Is what I bought the real thing or is the version circulating on web the real thing? I can't know any of it. But I'm glad I learned something new today - this band actually used Enya song as intro! That's fucking amazing!! :)

    2. I did knew about the fake version.
      I always thought that the rip that is circulated around the net was a legit one.
      Also there is a note on metal archives for their second demo that states: "originally released in January of 1995 under another title", maybe this points to their first demo (hence the same tracks) or to another unreleased version?

    3. Hmm, this is quite interesting. The four tracks version with the b/w artwork is legit, I knew I had seen a review somewhere and it was on Petrified #4. I was supposed to check for another one, but couldn't find it. Anyways, Jon "Thorns" the editor mentioned three of the four song titles, interestingly omitting the Enya-intro (who was actually used several times and usually without credit for intros, same with Dead Can Dance). However, I think it's possible both could be legitimate releases, this two track version could be an earlier promo or advance version. Full version might've been released with a different cover due feedback! ;)

      Very hard to really say without first-hand personal knowledge of the band.

  3. @Panacea I really don't know, and I'm always skeptical about the info on metal archives as it's often incorrect.

    @Velkaarn That's very impressive memory, I can't believe you managed to remember the tiny review on Petrified #4! It's very likely the intro and first song were connected into one song so the editor of the 'zine thought it's one song. It's like that on the second demo mp3 version that I have: the first track on my mp3 version of the second demo is "Intro + Osculum Infame" and it lasts 05:43. According to metal archives, the intro of the second demo was called "Lament of a Witch (Intro"). On the low bitrate 4 track version of the first demo, these two songs are called Thy Unholy Celebration (Intro) and The Mass of the Goat God. This only brings more questions :(
    Maybe ASG sent a promo to Drakkar years ago, and he decided to release that promo and that's what I bought. Or maybe not? :D

  4. Hi Borderline. My name is Pablo and i was the singer in ASG. Let me clear up the this tô you. Thy Unholy Celebration demo was recorded in december' 94 with three songs and the Enya's intro. After, a friend of mine re-released this one by his small label, and, once more, it was re-released by Mountain Distro with the title Hail Satan. ASG is going to unleash a New mcd. Just await!

  5. Concerning the Live In Garage 95 tape, it follows the link for this concert as available in YouTube

  6. @Pablo Peres De Faria
    Hello and thanks for commenting and clearing that up! Ok, so what's listed on metal archives as two different demos was actually just different re-releases of the demo '94 - first version with black & white cover, second version which I posted and third version as a cassette and a CD by Massacra Records/Mountain Distribution.
    Thanks again for explaining, it's a unique and enjoyable band and I'm very curious and glad to hear about the upcoming material/mcd you mentioned. Listening to the Live in Garage on youtube now.

  7. "ASG is going to unleash a New mcd"
    Thats fucking great news!!!